Kindle Fire HD – A Great Tablet at an Affordable Price

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The Kindle Fire is here! Amazon has done it again. From the people who first brought you an eReader in the Amazon Kindle comes the next big thing in tablets – the Kindle Fire HD.  In a world full of high priced tablets that everyone wishes for and few can afford, this newest addition to the Kindle family has a lot to offer at a very low price.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Let’s take a look at the things that the new Kindle Fire HD offers.

  • 1280×700 display which has anti-glare technology and a polarizing filter to provide deep contrast and rich color at any angle.
  • Dual stereo speakers and Dolby audio to provide virtual, immersive surround sound.
  • The first tablet in the world with dual-antenna and dual band Wi-Fi for streaming and downloads that are 40% faster.
  • More than 22 million TV shows, movies, magazines, books, songs, audiobooks, games, and apps.
  • Integrated support for twitter, Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Facebook along with contacts, email, and exchange calendar.
  • Completely free Skype calls with video using the HD camera.
  • Unlimited storage on the cloud for all of your content on Amazon.
  • Kindle Freetime, which is a personalized, free tablet experience which is just for children. Parents are able to set daily limits for their child’s screen and they can also only allow their children to view content which is appropriate for them.

This is all offered to those who purchase a Kindle Fire HD. This is all things that many people are looking for when they want to buy their tablet.  Most people assume that the tablets that are most expensive is the one that they should buy. But as you can see, there are a lot of things that the Kindle Fire HD is going to offer you at a really affordable price.  Yes, people buy the iPad because they hear a lot about it.  But whereas you are going to spend more than $300 for the iPad mini, which is comparable to the size and features that the Kindle Fire HD has, the Kindle Fire HD is only between $199 and $269, depending on the amount of space that you want.

So, are there really any big differences between the iPad and the Kindle Fire HD? One of the biggest differences is the price.  But as for what it offers to those who are using either tablet, both have given people satisfactory performance and experience.  If you want to go out and spend a lot of money, maybe the iPad is for you. But if you are watching your pennies and you want a tablet that can give you a lot of things for a low price, the Kindle Fire HD is a great choice.