The All New SwiftKey Flow Beta Available for Download

Swiftkey screenshotSwiftKey is the top selling keyboard for Android devices. It has been downloaded 15 million times and counting. Back in October, folks behind the top-grossing keyboard announced a new feature called “Flow” for their extremely intelligent keyboard.

Swiftkey Flow, includes everything that we love about the Standard SK keyboard and combines it with the amazing power of Gesture-based typing, like that of Stock Android 4.2 keyboard or Swype. The newest and unique feature in Swiftkey Flow is dubbed as “Flow Through Space” – that allows users to slide through a complete sentence without even having to lift their fingers from the screen, and just by swiping to the Spacebar after each completed word. This new feature makes Swiftkey the most intelligent and intuitive 3rd party keyboard for Android.

How many of you would like to try out the all new Swiftkey Flow? Well, it’s your lucky day as Swiftkey has just made the Beta version of Flow available for download. You can download and try the upcoming SK Flow beta and even help out the developers with any bugs or glitches that you might encounter.

For me, it’s working perfectly and I’m using it as my Primary keyboard. All I want is the “Left swipe to erase word” (Swiftkey 3) feature back in the Flow keyboard as I can’t live without it.

Head over to Official Swiftkey page to download the Beta app for your Android device.