Official Etsy App Now Available on Google Play

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You definitely know about Etsy, No? Well, you must be living under a rock, because Etsy is the world’s largest marketplace for buying/selling handmade items. It’s like the eBay for handmade stuff ranging from vintage jeans to retro looking iPhone docks, all handmade personally by talented people from all around the Globe.

Given the popularity of, many loyal users have been wondering for quite a while now, about the lack of an official mobile app for the service. But now, there’s no need to wonder anymore my fellow Geeks, as Etsy has just launched an Android app, available right now on Google Play.

The official Etsy app is simple and to the point. You can browse through all the listings on Etsy’s storefront, with nearly an amazing 17 million listings at the moment. The app supports 4 languages including English, German, Dutch & French, right out of the box (or Store).

You have the option to pay for your items via Credit card, Paypal or Money order. Best of all, you can use any Coupon codes directly within the app. Of course, this is just the first version of the app, and more than likely there will be some bugs. This will probably include no support for landscape mode, which will definitely annoy most of the tablet users, as you’ll have to use it in Portrait mode all the time; unless of course, they fix it with the next update.

There is no support for Shop management, so if you have a shop on Etsy then you’ll have to use the actual website to manage it and add/remove items.

All in all, the Official Etsy app is the best thing for all Etsy addicts out there, always on the lookout for cool handmade items. Etsy geeks across the globe can now buy their favorite items on-the-go without any wait. Head over to Google Play store to download the app.

What function would you like to see in the app? Let us know.