10 sexiest women in geek tv

The 10 Sexiest Women in Genre Television

These are the ladies of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror that make fanboys hearts go all a’twitter, or least inspire posts on Twitter. We at Geek Insider know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That being said, we feel most geeks would be hard-pressed to deny that the following characters embody feminine attractiveness in all of its forms. Whether it’s girls who could easily kick your ass, women who have mastered seduction, or the manipulative ladies who can outmaneuver any in their path, there’s a choice female character to be found for all tastes on this list.

10 sexiest women in geek tv

Geek Insider’s Top 10 Sexiest Women in Genre Television

Candidates were selected not just based on prettiness and/or cup size, but on a number of different factors. Though physical attractiveness is certainly a factor, it’s not what makes these characters ‘sexy’. Personality and social factors were given equal weight to, if not more than, the character’s physique.

Though we’re content to let our choices speak for themselves, the following criteria were used in selecting the list’s entries:

  • Female characters from live-action genre television shows (fantasy, horror, sci-fi).

  • No guest stars or cameo roles were considered (sorry, Arrow’s Jessica Du Gouw).

  • Shows that are either still running or aired during the 21st Century (sorry, Lt. Ohura).

The following characters are listed alphabetically, with no attempt made to rank them based on subjective or personal ideals.

Adele DeWitt

10 sexiest women in tv

Series: Dollhouse
Actress: Olivia Williams
Why Adele’s Sexy: The mature, unflappable female boss whose posh British mannerisms concealed the passionate, highly dangerous woman she was from even her closest associates.
Adele personified grace and poise throughout the series’ paltry 26-episode run. No matter the situation, Adele remained cool under pressure while doing whatever it took to protect both her company and her employees, no matter how ruthless or manipulative.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0IevSaQBm0]

A master of subtlety and intrigue, Adele manipulated friend and enemy alike as chess pieces in achieving her ends. Despite this quality, Adele seemed less concerned with attaining more power, and more so with maintaining her present position, where she could best serve the needs of not only Rossum, but all those under her care, whether employee or Doll.

Amy Pond

Sexiest women in tv

Series: Doctor Who
Actress: Karen Gillan
Why Amy’s Sexy: An adventurous free-spirit who quips in the face of danger and manages to learn other’s secrets while concealing her own.

Though this character could have made the list just for being a slim, leggy redhead, the writers of Doctor Who saw fit to make her an intricate, fleshed-out companion for the Eleventh Doctor.

Despite being somewhat jaded and introverted due to a troubled childhood, Amy retains a child-like sense of wonder and adventure. Though many of the ladies featured in this list are adept at remaining calm under pressure, not many can actively mock it in the way Amy Pond did regularly. Though she has struggled to create meaningful bonds with those around her, Amy is quite caring and loyal to those who manage to pierce her armor. She’s certainly willing to make heroic sacrifices for the sake of her loved ones and the multiverse itself.

Intelligent, mysterious, complicated, whimsical, and repeat savior of existence? What’s not to love about Amy Pond?

Buffy Summers


Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Actress: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Why Buffy’s Sexy: She’s the spunky little firecracker that proves when it comes to ass-kicking capabilities, appearances can be deceiving.

For seven seasons, Buffy Summers vanquished all manner of supernatural threats, from vampires to demons, and even the occasional god/goddess. Though barely over five feet tall, and 100 pounds soaking wet, Buffy was imbued by ancient magics with physical strength, agility, and endurance that made her a match for most supernatural nasties. Handsy frat-boy types didn’t even stand a chance.

Though she may be the most obvious choice on this list, due to Joss Whedon’s geek pedigree, her conventional attractiveness, and because ass-kicking women are super-hot, Buffy makes the cut largely due to her inner strength and growth as a character over the course of the series.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0pgdi8S35E]


Despite her care-free demeanor, Buffy had a grave (pun intended) responsibility thrust on her slight shoulders, and her burdens only grew heavier with time. As the series progressed, viewers saw Buffy pushed to her limits and beyond. Though she may have faltered on occasion, she always managed to get back up and fight once more, no matter how hopeless the situation seemed.

If that’s not attractive, we don’t know what is…

Daenerys Targaryen

Series: Game of Thrones
Actress: Emilia Clarke
Why Daenerys is Sexy: The seemingly helpless slip of a girl that proves herself equal, or superior, to the men around her.

In the opening episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen was subjected to the will’s of the men around her, whether as a political pawn by her brother, or as demure wife/sex object for a powerful barbarian warlord. As she comes into her role as Khaleesi, however, she also finds her own power, casting off the oppressive shackles of her power-hungry brother and taming her brute of a husband. With the latter, she forces Khal Drogo not to view her as just an attractive piece of meat, but as a capable woman and his feminine equal.

A marriage that began in a traumatic, demeaning fashion becomes a true romance, as pure as can be found in the brutal fantasy series. These early trials of maturity prepare Daenerys for even greater troubles ahead, as she seeks to gather the forces and resources she needs to reclaim the throne that was taken from her family.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUWR8wvqQw8]

Inara Serra


Series: Firefly
Actress: Morena Baccarin
Why Inara’s Sexy: Combines the best elements of the seductive and maternal in one exotic package.

Though every female on Firefly was attractive in their own fashion, and Inara may seem the obvious choice, she is an underrated character and best exemplifies a specific archetype of feminine attractiveness. Though she is neither chaste saint nor hypersexual vamp, Inara embodies female duality, as “the Madonna and the Whore”. Though the registered companion may be a high-class prostitute in a sense, she also displays a spiritual, mothering side, making her the supportive anchor of Serenity’s crew.

Unless, of course, she is dealing with Mal, in which case she’s likely to regress to immature name-calling out of repressed love. Now that’s a character with some depth.

Lois Lane


Series: Smallville
Actress: Erica Durance
Why Lois is Sexy: Despite dating the world’s most powerful man, she forges her own path as an independent, capable woman.

Growing up as an army brat taught Lois how to not only take care of herself, but also how to take charge when trouble arises. Brave (perhaps to a fault) and resourceful, Lois does not wait around for anyone else to solve problems, even Men of Steel. Though she could easily just coast by on her looks, Lois refuses to be just another pretty face. Then again, she is not above using her hotness to achieve her goals, without coming off as ‘slutty’.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRBx8vkkL64]

Women in charge of their sexuality are hot, but those who consider their looks just one more tool of the trade are even hotter.

Maggie Greene


Series: The Walking Dead
Actress: Lauren Cohan
Why Maggie’s Sexy: She’s the pretty girl next door who is willing and able to mix it up with the boys, even in the zombie apocalypse.

The eldest daughter in a close-knit, religious family, Maggie Greene has been hit particularly hard by the relatives she’s lost to the zombie outbreak. As something of a tomboy with a country upbringing (where she learned how to shoot and survive), Maggie proved herself a capable addition to the band of survivors featured in The Walking Dead.

Also, through her strong relationship with the nebbish Glenn, she gives hope to male geeks everywhere that they too can land a girl as beautiful and tough as Maggie.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkh2vB8-3vo]

Max Guevera


Series: Dark Angel
Actress: Jessica Alba
Why Max is Sexy: She’s not only tough and more than a little sassy, but also embraces her idealism in her quest to improve the livelihood of the suffering masses.

Despite making her living as a genetically-modified cat burglar (again, pun intended), Max could easily live a profitable life with no concern for those around her. However, when she finds the opportunity to do some good for others, she takes up the mantle of clandestine hero, to free her fellow man from the oppressive regime in power in the futuristic cyberpunk-inspired series.

Max showed a definite growth throughout the series, growing from a tough, guarded loner to a caring, dedicated person, devoted to her cause and her loved ones.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIL56z3Q3LE]
There’s not much sexier than a warrior with a heart of gold.

Shannon “Boomer” Valerii

10 sexy women in tv - scifi

Series: Battlestar Galactica
Actress: Grace Park
Why Boomer’s Sexy: Manages to follow her own path, even if its against the popular status quo.

It’s hard to say too much specific about Shannon without indulging in some major spoilers. What we can say is that when she discovers that her identity differs from what she has always believed, she finds herself in a compromising position.

Despite some regretable missteps, Shannon manages to maintain the core elements of the person she believes herself to be, and uses her diverging experiences to work for a peaceful resolution, rather than just bowing to the wishes of the majority.

Though she makes too many questionable decisions to come across as a true hero, the fact that she never stops struggling with conflicting desires in order to do what is right.

Tara Thornton


Series: True Blood
Actress: Rutina Wesley
Why Tara’s Sexy: She manages to overcome childhood trauma, as well as more than her share of adversity in the present to become a strong, capable person.

Tara survived an abusive childhood relatively intact, and with a strength of character far greater than even she suspects. As a regular human in a world where vampires and other supernatural beings exist in the open, Tara proves herself as not only a survivor, but a force to be reckoned with.

Though she could easily use her tragic past as an excuse in becoming a lifelong victim, Tara chooses the more difficult path of facing a hard, careless world on her own terms. Even in the face of betrayal and adversity, Tara grows from being a self-made victim to a strong and capable woman whose painful past has granted her the strength to adjust to or overcome any problems that come her way.

What do you think of our choices for the 10 Sexiest Women of Genre Television? Do you agree/disagree with our picks? Do you think we left off any femme fatales more deserving of a place on the list?

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