Technology That Can Improve Your Camping Trip Experience

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When you head out on a camping trip, the last thing on your mind might be tech. That’s because your main focus will likely be on reconnecting with nature and enjoying it to the fullest. That said, there are pieces of tech that can improve your experience rather than take away from it. Here are a few ideas!

A GPS Device

You need to know where you’re going as well as you are at every time to have a safe camping trip. This should be made possible by getting a reliable GPS device, which can come in the form of a satellite phone with GPS capabilities. When you have one, you can be sure that you’ll always be able to accurately map your location and also call for help in case it becomes necessary to do so. Keep in mind that GPS is typically accurate within 4.9 meters. This makes GPS a great and reliable piece of tech to pack for your camping trip.

A Power Source

You need a reliable source of power to keep the tech that you take with you on your camping trip alive. One option in this case is a power bank, which would be good for smaller gadgets. A better option for you if you need more power is a solar-powered power source, which will simply need to be exposed to the sun to provide you with the power you need. In this case, shop for one that can support your needs, including electric stoves, electric heaters, and electric coolers. This will help you improve your convenience, which will couple up with impressive savings if you also use an RV. That’s because a family of four can save up to 59% on their vacation costs by using an RV.

Smart Water Bottles

Water is a basic item that you need to have in plenty for your camping trip. In fact, it’s recommended to buy a hose that’s certified for potable water before you head out on a camping or boating trip. These hoses are normally blue or white and come in lengths that range from 10 feet to 50 feet. Pair this hose with smart water bottles that are made from BPA-free plastic and that connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth. These bottles are paired with an application that tracks the amount of liquid that you drink per day and reminds you how much you need to drink each day if you haven’t been drinking enough. It also sets goals that you should meet to achieve maximum daily intake, and this is something that can come in handy while you’re camping.

A Portable Hotspot Device

Last but not least, you may need to take with you a portable hotspot device on your camping trip. With one, you can keep up with work if necessary, and save any images or videos that you take during your trip. You can be assured of keeping these memories safe because once they’ve been backed up to cloud storage, you’ll have access to them for an indefinite length of time, and from anywhere you like. You can also stay connected so that you can talk to family and friends throughout your trip, making video calls if need be.

These are some of the pieces of technology that can improve your camping trip significantly. With some shopping around, you’re sure to find the best versions of each one. If you invest in the best quality, you can keep it for a long time and rely on it for countless camping trips that you go on in the future.

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