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Technologies Aussie Adults Are Using to Spend More Time Online

Australia is at the forefront of adopting and utilizing new technologies, allowing adults to spend more time online. From high-speed internet connections and mobile devices to cloud computing and digital payments, Australians have access to a range of technologies that make it easier than ever before to stay connected. 

With the prevalence of social media, online shopping, and streaming services, there are many benefits for adults who spend more time online. We explore what technologies are currently available in Australia that makes this possible. 

Video Streaming

Australians are increasingly turning to video streaming and gaming platforms for entertainment, with the number of users growing steadily over the past few years. 

Streaming services such as Netflix and Stan, as well as gaming platforms such as Xbox Live, are becoming popular among Australian adults. This trend is driven by the convenience of streaming content on any device and the availability of a wide range of content. 

YouTube is the second-most popular app in Australia, with 27% of Australians using it daily to watch online videos. Its audience size is larger than Netflix’s, YouTube TV’s, and Amazon Prime Video’s combined (and even bigger than Facebook) in Australia. 

Mobile Usage

The rise of mobile phone and smart device usage has had a profound effect on the telecommunications and entertainment industry in Australia. Telecommunications providers have had to adjust their strategies to keep up with the changing demands of consumers, while media companies have had to compete for viewers in an increasingly crowded market. 

The onus of smartphone usage has also seen a shift in more adults searching for Australian mobile casinos through comparison sites that focus on iGaming entertainment. 

This shift has created opportunities and challenges for both telcos and media companies in Australia, as they seek to provide the best services possible while also staying ahead of their competitors.

Social Media 

Social media has become an integral part of Australians’ lives. It has changed the way they communicate, shop, and spend their time. Technology has made it easier for Australians to connect and access a wider range of services than ever before.

A recent survey showed that over 80% of Australians use social media daily, with the majority spending at least one hour on it every day. This is reflected in the amount of money Australians are now spending online, which is estimated to be around $25 billion annually. This is more than the number of global searches made about the history of gambling houses.

Smart Home Devices 

Smart home devices and automation are revolutionizing the way Australians manage their home tasks. With smart home technology trends in Australia, it is now easier than ever to automate daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and even security

Smart appliances such as AI-enabled refrigerators and washing machines are also becoming increasingly popular in households across Australia. Home automation products like robotic vacuum cleaners, voice-activated lights and thermostats are helping Aussies save time while managing their home tasks.


In this day and age, it is impossible to ignore the fact that spending more time online has become a part of daily life. This is what technology is created for!

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