Tech Upgrades Guide: Learn the Ins and Outs of Gadget Hacking

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For people who have submerged themselves into the world of gadgets and technology, do-it-yourself guides are a dream come true. Once you learn the ins and outs of your favorite types of devices, you start to see any faults or missing features in a different point of view. Rather than angrily writing a negative review on the website of the manufacturer, you now have the option of taking matters into your own hands and modifying it to suit your needs; perhaps you will even create something completely different.

But you can’t just jump right into projects like this as you would with a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. Working with electronics requires a specific set of skills and a general knowledge of how these things function. Without those you’re bound to either hurt yourself or destroy whatever it was you were trying to create.


The Ultimate DIY Tech Upgrades Guide: Build Your Own Laser + 74 Other Way-Cool Gadget Hacks

As the name says, this is your ultimate guide to not only building some awesome gadgets, but also learning the mechanics of it all. The book starts off with the basics like soldering, circuit components and building a circuit. It also lets you know the difficulty of each project, how much the materials will cost and the estimated amount of time you will have to dedicate. Safety is obviously a stressed theme from cover to cover as well.

Once you have learned the techniques and how the components work, you are ready to start your first project. Each guide leads you through step-by-step instructions along with illustrations. The guides vary from ways to recycle old devices to creating new gadgets from scratch. Examples of these projects include: turning an old Xbox controller into a iPhone case, creating a Polygraph, making a touch screen tablet from an old Netbook and creating your own external hard drive. There are over 74 do-it-yourself guides included, so this book will surely keep you busy for the next couple of years.