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Talk About Eco-Friendly – Check Out These Disappearing Baby Shoes

As I’ve said numerous times, in this line of work I get to see all sorts of new products and while most are nice and some are really eye-catching, it’s rather rare that I come across one that really “Wows” me. That goes double for anything touted as “eco-friendly” or “environmentally-safe”because again, there are some GREAT products out there but it’s really rare that one truly surprises me.

Well…. Woolybubs has done it.

Now, I haven’t personally tested this product out but it’s SO dang cool that I HAD to share it with you all.

Especially for those of you that are expecting or have an infant at home.

It’s no secret that newborns/infants grow fast and as such, they go through a lot of clothes. Especially shoes.

As parents of three, the founders of Woolybubs, Megan and Jesse, know that parenting is hard stuff, especially for those that prioritize the health of the planet. They saw all the things their kids needed — and all the inevitable waste — and often felt guilty. So they decided to do something about it and quit their jobs to focus on creating a shoe that is biodegradable, practical, affordable, and — of course — cute.

Woolybubs is their big dream to leave smaller footprints on the planet through sustainable, ethical, and accessible baby stuff that never ends up in the landfill.

Now this is the part that caught my attention – “never ends up in the landfill.”

Really now?

Then came the part that WOW’d me.

These baby shoes actually DISAPPEAR.

No, I don’t mean that the dryer treats ’em like socks and gobbles ’em up or that your baby will be wearing them one minute and shoeless the next. When you put these shoes in boiling water, they turn into a non-toxic safe liquid.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, talk about eco-friendly - check out these disappearing baby shoes, reviews

Okay, that’s about as environmentally-friendly as you can get.

Forget worrying about throwing these in the recycle bin. When your child outgrows them, embrace your Geekness and boil those suckers. Even though my kids are grown and gone and none are expecting anytime soon, I’d LOVE to have a pair just to mess with my friends.

“It’s magic”

Seriously though, we’re all about sustainability and cool products and this fits the bill on both counts.

About the Founders of Woolybubs

Megan Milliken is a native Oregonian who spent her career working in the environmental sustainability business with a focus on energy-efficient consumer products. She says, “we’re just getting started with our line of planet-friendly baby and kid’s stuff and we can’t wait to empower more parents with ways to limit waste associated with parenthood.”

Jesse Milliken spent 15 years working for Nike in footwear. He has a family background in textile manufacturing and believes there is a better way to make clothing and shoes for the next generation and the planet. “Our daily choices matter. We have a massive waste problem” Jesse says, “and by harnessing innovative materials, our baby shoes are totally biodegradable” and never have to end up in the landfill.

If you or someone you know is in need of baby supplies, you should definitely check out these affordable and biodegradable baby shoes from Woolybubs.

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