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Kawaii pixels shop owner tells us about her cute creations

Kawaii Pixels Shop Owner Tells Us About Her Cute Creations

We can all agree that, as a geek, one of the best things about conventions and the internet is the ability to find unique pieces of nerdy memorabilia that are both one-of-a-kind and positively adorable. So, naturally, we get excited when we come across talented people with phenomenal shops of geeky goodness online. Today we…

What’s hot and what’s not about gmail’s new “unsubscribe” link

What’s Hot and What’s Not About Gmail’s New “Unsubscribe” Link

Rejoice, fellow humans on the internet! After what seems like an inordinately extended period of time, Google has finally announced that their excellent team is ready to roll out Gmail’s new “Unsubscribe” link feature. The news went out on Wednesday and states that this link, which will appear on the top of suspected spam messages, will make it twice as…

Nintendo’s packed gamescom lineup

Nintendo’s Packed Gamescom Lineup

Nintendo’s got a lot to prove to me, along with the rest of the world, after the recent statistics showing just how much the Wii U is struggling. Luckily though, Gamescom 2013 is on its way, starting August 21st and Nintendo is promising a whole lot of quality First Party games to hopefully raise our…