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Geek out virtual con 2020 – cosplay alley

Geek Out Virtual Con 2020 – Cosplay Alley

There’s growing excitement for our livestreaming event on April 11-12th and we’re happy to present so many people from the Geekdom of comic books, authors, filmmakers, small businesses and marketing, and more – but the area that has people buzzing are the cosplayers. This is your opportunity to get dressed, get in character, and get…

Meet the team of enfuego entertainment | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet the Team of Enfuego Entertainment | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

The Dynamic Duo of Eric Smith-Gunn and Pam Meisl-Smith from Enfuego Entertainment is joining Geek Out Virtual Con 2020 on April 11th. Geek Insider had the privilege of sitting down with Eric, Pam, and lead actress, Andrea St. Martine, to talk about their limited series production, HIJAB. The pilot episode is available on Amazon Prime….