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Decred announces initial dcrdex integration into decrediton wallet

Decred Announces Initial DCRDEX Integration into Decrediton Wallet

Trading volume has surpassed $210M since launch in October. Chicago, IL – May 27, 2021 Decred (DCR), a digital currency that emphasizes security and scalability, today announced the initial integration of its decentralized exchange, DCRDEX, into its Decrediton wallet. DCRDEX, initially available on the command line interface, has surpassed $210 million in trading volume since…

Decred announces launch of dcrdex

Decred Announces Launch of DCRDEX

“No DEX to this day has been solely created in the name of the public good, for the users of crypto in the original spirit of crypto. Having the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies with minimal friction, risk and centralization is crucial to the process of cryptocurrency adoption by the wider public and will substantially improve…