T-Shirts Get Villainous With Villain X

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Dear Heroes,

 We’re tired of all of you getting your faces plastered on merchandise while we’re forced to knock over banks and kidnap pretty ladies just to fund our dastardly hobbies. It has come to our attention that we have as many fans as you do out there, so we’ve decided to cash in. If you’re interested in getting your hands on our sweet merchandise then check us out at www.villainxshirts.com. Don’t worry, nobody will know you’re wearing bad guy gear- plus Catwoman wears a Batman t-shirt to, like, all of our meetings.

 Most Menacingly Yours,

 -The Villains.


Villain X Villainous T-Shirts Have Arrived!

That’s right ne’er do wells, you can get your hands on all sorts of awesome t-shirts emblazoned with the faces of the worlds most devilish villains. All shirts come in black and white, and are offered in either T-shirt or tank top style. There are too many people out there wearing the faces of heroes around on their chests. When does the hard working bad guy get to get in on some of that action? The answer is now! The plan for take over of the T-shirt industry is already in motion and there is nothing you do to to stop it!

Priced at only $20 dollars a piece, there is no resisting the allure that our plan holds. Soon, so many will be sold that the world will have to harvest more and more cotton to accommodate our needs. Then, when all of the sheep are shaved, naked, and angry, they will rise up against their masters! The world will have no recourse against the wrath of the sheepish hoard. Then, and only then, we will take our rightful seats as swag overlords.

Only you can move the plan into action, and who doesn’t want a Dalek, Joffrey Baratheon, Godzilla, and the like on their clothing? Intimidate your foes with fictional history’smost intimidating bad guys.