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Study Into Selfies- Pictures of You

Do you take photos of yourself? Of course you do, you’re gorgeous. It should actually be against the law to not take as many pictures of yourself as possible because you’re so gosh darn pretty. HTC obviously knows this, which is why to indulge you and all the other beautiful people, they’ve done a study into ‘Selfies’. Because vanity is the new modesty.


A Picture Of You Is Worth A Few Words

It’s like that song- “Pictures of you, pictures of me and more pictures of me, on my Facebook wall, for the world to see…..” Maybe it’s more like that other song- “You probably think this article is about you.” Well, if you take selfies, you’re right! You good looking, intelligent person you!

HTC have done a study into over 2000 UK mobile phone users, to see which ones were the most vain, I mean had the most time on their hands….And used that time constructively by taking photos of their sexy selves.

 I don’t know whether it’s scary or cute, but there’s apparently such a thing as a ‘Silver Selfie’ with 29% of those 65 years or older taking a selfie. 25% of selfie takers have taken ‘SEXY’ selfies…. Chances are, because there’s always a chance of something a little terrifying, there are some ‘Silver Sexy Selfies’ out there. Shudder.

They found that men were the most vain, with 34% ‘touching’ themselves up (don’t be rude!) compared to just 13% of ladies. But then, most guys don’t have access to real life airbrushing technology otherwise known as makeup, so it makes sense that they’d do it on their phones. Kudos, gentlemen, I am impressed by your ingenuity. 

And when it comes to WHAT people cover up? Skin tone, followed by eye brightness (which makes me feel a little better about my blotchy skin and my matte eyes).

And WHY do people take Selfies?

The people in the study pretty much lied and said soppy things like “To capture a happy moment”.

And what do we think of people who take Selfies?

It doesn’t matter what we think!

The important thing is that the people in the study (half of whom at least would be Selfie takers, judging by the data collected) think that people who take Selfies are like, ‘Fun Loving’. ‘Confidant’ and other totally awesome things! But then the non-Selfie takers evened the score by saying words like “Attention Seeking”

I did my own study and found that 100% of people in the study I conducted, think that Selfie takers need to stop being so into themselves, even if they do look amazing. (The study was of one person, me. I also recorded high percentage rates of ‘bitterness’ and ‘self loathing’).

You can check out HTC’s results here.

Tell us what you think of people who take Selfies, in the comments section below.