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Spy x Family: Why Haven’t You Watched It Yet?

If you watch anime regularly (or know someone who does), you may know there are shows for all sorts of tastes — from the sweet and innocent titles to the most controversial or shocking ones.

At The Otaku Box, for example, anime box subscribers can vote on the anime they like most. So I can see how people like different subjects or approaches to the same topic. Our likes are often unique in some way.

Yet, Spy x Family has gathered so many different audiences! Not every show has that kind of power, even among mainstream titles.

If you’ve never heard of this wholesome anime or are still unsure whether to watch it, you probably should. And I’m going to tell you why.

What is Spy x Family About?

The anime Spy x Family premiered in April 2022 and currently has 37 episodes and one feature film yet to be released outside Japan.

The show is about an experienced spy known by his codename “Twilight.” He has spent his days on countless missions, all for the dream of a better world. One day, he receives the most challenging mission: To form a temporary family to prevent a war!

His target is Donovan Desmond, a politician attempting to instigate war. To approach him, Agent Twilight needs a child to befriend Demond’s son. However, he also needs a wife to get the kid into the prestigious Eden Academy. Twilight must prove to the school that his perfect family meets the requirements to be part of such an elite school.

What Agent Twilight didn’t count on was that his choices for daughter and wife would be most peculiar. Under the alias Loid Forger, he adopts Anya, a telepath, and marries Yor, an assassin!

As you may have guessed, each member of the Forger family has their secrets. So they must keep lying to each other and the world to achieve their objectives.

The Family All of Us Secretly Wish We Were Part Of!

Loid Forger (Agent Twilight)

Agent Twilight is a handsome man and skillful spy with a strong sense of responsibility and a tendency to overthink and overwork himself. His persona, Loid Forger, is a competent psychiatrist, a responsible, caring father, and a gentle husband.

Yor Forger (The Thorn Princess)

Beautiful yet socially awkward, Yor Forger (formerly Yor Briar) is an “ordinary office clerk” who accepted the role of Loid’s wife to avoid the pressures of being a single woman at her age. However, she is the “Thorn Princess” assassin, and to continue her secret job without raising suspicion, she needs a cover!

Anya Forger (Test Subject “007”)

Little Anya Forger is an orphan doing all she can not to return to the orphanage one more time. Despite being adopted, she poses as the biological daughter of Loid Forger from a deceased mother.

Nobody knows that she was the subject of an experiment by a secret organization, and the experience granted her psychic powers. She uses her ability to read the world around her and take action.

Why Should You Watch It?

With the perfect mix of action, comedy, and wholesomeness, Spy x Family has won several awards and fans across the globe! It’s the one show that I can recommend to anyone regardless of their taste in stories.

That’s precisely the kind of entertainment you need when you want to lighten up your mood wherever you are, no matter who’s with you. Plus, the manga that originated the work is still ongoing. Now is the perfect time to watch it and fall in love with this unique pretend family before their story gets even further ahead.

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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