Sprucing up Spring and Summer! Here’s How to Plan This Year’s Coastal Festivities Like a Boss

Outdoor summer fun

Spring break is just around the corner, and for those itching for a coastal escape…you may not need your passport to find one! Maybe you’ve daydreamed of sailing off into the sunset on the same luxury yacht Kylie Jenner posted in her Instagram story,  or the thought of boating around the world to fulfill your most outrageous bucket list items this summer seems exciting! Whatever the case may be, your lack of boating experience has you a bit anxious to test the waters, along with the fact that you certainly don’t have Jay Z’s bank account to make this yacht fantasy happen on your own budget.

That’s where Boatsetter, an “Airbnb-like marketplace for yachts,” comes in to help you plan your daycay on the water. 

With charters ranging from simple motorboats for a day of snorkeling to sailboats for sunset sail sessions to full-blown yachts, there’s something for everyone.

“We’re a one-stop shop where anyone can go to have an incredible experience on the water whether you want to go deep sea fishing or sailing or water sports activities, this is the one place you can go with just a simple tap on your smartphone and have thousands of options to choose from,” says Jackie Baumgarten, Co-Founder and CEO of the Boatsetter platform.

1. Hop Aboard a Yacht and Take your Spring Break Trip to the Next Level

Nothing says, “I want to rent a boat for spring break,” like renting out a yacht in Miami or Long Island. Boatsetter’s marketplace lists yachts like singles on an online dating app, and all you need to do is swipe right for your next coastal excursion!

Whether you’re looking to host a yacht party your college friends will cherish forever, or an anniversary with your sweetheart, you can make the most of your spring and summer cruise with many of the yachts coming with a fully serviced crew on board, so you can sit back and enjoy the luxury of comfort with some champagne in hand-while an in-house chef prepares a fabulous culinary delight of the region’s best food for you and your pals.

2. Make Waves with Water Sports During the Warmer Months

Because there are typically less boats on the water during the spring season, it presents to be an ideal time to learn different water sports. Calm waters means less of a challenge for getting up on waterskis, wakesurf boards, or kneeboards. Beginners can put their mind at ease knowing that they do not need to feel rushed or pressured—they can take their time and master each sport at their own pace with Boatsetter owners who offer lessons through Airbnb experiences.. 

3. Grill Out on a Pontoon Boat with Family for the Fourth of July

Pontoon boats are definitely the safest boating option for those who have young children. And if you’re looking to get out on the water with your family during the Fourth of July weekend this summer, then renting out a pontoon boat is probably your best option! Pontoon boats provide plenty of space for the entire family and are built for safety and comfort. With most of the platform’s pontoon boat rentals able to hold fifteen or more people, you can easily bring along your friends and family and split the tab. Plan to grill out some nice fish you caught and kick back some cold beverages as you relish the beauty of Fourth of July fireworks from the water

4. Rent a Fishing Charter for Labor Day and Head out on the Water

Like beginners to water sports, first-time anglers should also use the spring and summer seasons as an opportunity to master their craft. It’s best to learn from experience and have a good teacher to show you the ropes. Consider booking a boat rental with an experienced captain to plan your own fishing charter, or bring along a friend or family member who is a long-time angler that can show you the in’s and out’s—and don’t worry, Boatsetter has plenty of fishing boats available for rent to accommodate groups of all sizes.

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