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Sponsored: 1U App Eliminates The Need For Passwords

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Just Another Day In Password Land

Entering password after password on a daily basis has become the norm for most tech users. But what if it didn’t have to be? The folks over at 1U have realized the daily grind that password memorization and entering can be, and have developed a unique and rather amazing app that ends password frustration forever!

So, how does it work? According to the 1U website, the app” leverages various biometrics – facial, periocular, fingerprint, and iris as well as “liveness” detection – the app recognizes that there is only one you (1U) and that you are the person logging into your sites. Upon recognition, the app grants access to you and only you so you can complete transactions and log into secure sites without fear of breach or the hassle of a forgotten password.”  How incredible is that?

To bring home their point about password frustration, 1U has created a hilarious video (above) titled “Another Day In Password Land”.  Check it out!

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