SpelPaus: General Information & Features

Since January 2019, SpelPaus has been providing self-exclusion services to Sweden based online casino gamblers. This scheme was established to offer Swedes with the chance to block themselves from participating in all forms of gambling. It also protects online players from accessing gambling-related advertisements. 

Today, it is mandatory for all gambling platforms in Sweden to be registered with SpelPaus. All casinos that don’t abide by this new law risk being banned. According to the official Spelpaus website, the sole purpose of the scheme is to ensure to provide a healthy and secure market that meets the game demands and upholds social safety.


Features of SpelPaus

In less than a year, more than 30,000 people have already registered at Spelpaus, and the figure is expected to go higher in 2020. Statistics have revealed that half of the registered members have an age range of between 25 and 30 years. These individuals have signed to be excluded for 12 months or more. This scheme offers different time span one can choose to be out:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 12 months
  • Indefinite exclusion

As aforementioned, it is the responsibility of the online casino operators to ensure that blocked players don’t participate in any forms of gambling whatsoever. These people should not receive any advertisement or other marketing emails from the operator. However, some casino operators try to copy the UK trend by opening casinos not signed at Spelpaus to attract Sweden punters.

Aims that Pursue Spelpaus

Several reasons have compelled online gambling enthusiasts to sign up at the Spelpaus website. Some of them include:

Additionally, players who find themselves in this scheme have a chance to self-exclude from gambling either partially or completely. It is also a good remedy for players who may be suffering from gambling addiction.

How to Register at SpelPaus?

The process of signing up is quite simple and straightforward. First, you need to visit the official website of Spelpaus and assess the different options available. As earlier mentioned, the site has four options to choose from. 

The first option lasts one month; the second option takes three months; the third options are for six months and the last option offers indefinite exclusion. The exciting thing about Spelpaus is that the website explains in detail its purpose and free advice to people with problem gambling. Also, they have an FAQ section where basic questions have been answered by experts. 

Why do Swedes Join Casinos Without SpelPaus?

Players who sign up on Spelpaus may be disappointed sometimes. This action is not so easy to revert but there are some ways to get around Spelpaus. The most straightforward way is to register at any online casino without Swedish license and obtain all benefits playing there. Some of the advantages include:

Attractive Bonuses

The bonuses offered by these casinos are not only attractive but also available in different sizes and forms. They range from no deposit, free spins, VIP bonus, cashback and more.

No Bank ID Verification

Unlike licensed casinos where you will be required to provide a BankID to verify your account, these casinos don’t need it. Some of the modern operators started to embed customers’ face recognition into their systems. Here you will not face any difficulties with the verification process. You simply sign up and enjoy playing.

No deposit and withdrawal limits

Players don’t have to worry about the limits imposed on deposits and withdrawal anymore. You can top up your account or cash out any amount you want.

Play without any limits

There are no rules that limit players from using certain platforms or playing particular games. You can play any games on any online casino sites and win real money.

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