Sony adds DualShock 3 controller Support to Xperia SP Smartphone

Sony has released its beautiful and awesome flagship phone the Xperia Z, and already it has garnered positive reviews worldwide. The company is also releasing other new Xperia phones in certain markets mostly budget friendly. On the other hand, Sony is also making headlines within the gaming market with its gaming consoles and DualShock 3.

Dualshock 3

So, now Sony wants to bring its mobile and gaming division together to provide users with a great overall experience. In simple words, imagine playing games on your Xperia phone with the DualShock 3 controller, yeah imagine that. Well, fortunately Sony’s latest device Xperia SP lets users connect their DualShock 3 controller to the phone via Bluetooth. Users can now enjoy a truly awesome gaming experience on their smartphone. Gaming with a full-fledged console controller just takes your experience to a whole new level.

DualShock 3 only Available on the Recent Xperia

For the time being, this feature is only available on the recent Xperia SP phone, but we’re certain that Sony will roll out the DualShock 3 compatibility to other Xperia devices over time. The Settings menu on the Xperia SP shows a new “DualShock 3 Controller” option. This lets you connect and test the controller. To connect the controller for the first time, you’ll have to connect it with a USB cable to the phone. Although, once the connection is set you can remove the cable, and from that point forward it will always connect with Bluetooth.

Even though playing a game on your smartphone with a DualShock 3 is a unique experience, carrying the controller with you could be a bit difficult. On the other hand, hardcore gamers would love to take their beloved controllers everywhere they go for a quick mobile gaming session – maybe that’s just me?

Sony had previously introduced this feature in their Xperia Tablet S, but it looks like this time they want to bring it to the Smartphone market. Although, people have been connecting their console controllers to their mobiles by rooting, nothing solid was available until now. This official feature by Sony will surely bump its reputation in the market. Once it rolls out to other devices like the Xperia ZL and Xperia Z, it will give the company a great edge over its rivals, simply because people who already own a PS3 will prefer Sony’s smartphones over its competition.

No words on any DualShock 3 compatible games yet, but we assume that all the games compatible with other smartphone controllers can easily be calibrated to the DualShock 3. Can somebody please tell Microsoft to bring their controllers to the mobile market as well? At the very least let them be compatible with a Windows Phone!

Do you want to see how the DualShock 3 performs? Check out the demo video below.