The Solo G3: The Bomb Shelter of Hard Drives

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As we dive deeper into the digital age, more things that we consider to be crucial, or even sentimental, to our lives are stored somewhere electronically: photos, music, art, personal information, documents and contact information. Depending how much of this you have on one device, your life can turn into turmoil if that device crashes or is destroyed somehow. There are data recovery services out there, but they are expensive and not always guaranteed to get everything back. They make safes for things like cash, jewelry and guns, so why not have one for all of your electronic data?

ioSafe Solo G3 External Hard Drive

This beast of a hard drive can give you up to 4 Terabytes of memory for your PC or Mac, depending on which model you purchase. It is not too bulky either, weighing less than 15 pounds and standing just under a foot tall. It also uses a fan-less venting system for close-to-silent operation.

An Impenetrable Fortress

The Solo G3 keeps your data safe from humans and nature alike. First of all, your drive can be secured by a Kensington-style lock and bolted to the ground. It doesn’t stop there, however. The Solo G3 was tested to last up to three days while submerged 10 feet deep in water without any data loss. It can also withstand a temperature up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for a half hour without losing anything. This is due to its DataCast technology that forms a chemical bond with water molecules. When the temperature reaches above 160 degrees, it releases water vapor to cool down the internal temperature. If something does happen to the hard drive, ioSafe also offers one, three and five year plans for data recovery that can be purchased along with the drive.

For other specifications, you can visit the ioSafe website. They have information for the Solo G3 and its voltage, system requirements and operating environment.