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Software and Performance of Honor 50 — Everything You Need to Know


The honor 50 has an aesthetic screen display with bright color contrast. The honor 50 is a smartphone with premium quality cameras, a long-lasting battery span, and a lightweight and mid-range smartphone with great efficiency and great performance. The honor 50 was unveiled in mid-July, launched in October, and started selling on November 12.

The two versions are:

  • 6GB RAM and 128GB storage costs £449 
  • 8GB RAM and 258GB storage costs £529

The software performance plus its mid-range price has made the honor 50 an all-in-one smartphone.

Key features:

  • High-quality front and rear camera
  • 6GB RAM and 128GB storage version
  • 8GB RAM and 258GB storage version
  • Brightest display
  • Long battery life
  • 6.57-inch OLED display
  • Best for Gaming
  • Manual spin aperture
  • 120Hz refresh rate

Let’s talk about software and performance in detail.

Software of Honor 50:

The software and the performance of the technology is the most notable feature. The software must be good with great efficiency. Good software boosts the sale of gadgets. The honor 50 has perfect software.

The honor 50 launches Magic UI 4.2, which is far different from other brands. The aesthetics display, icons, wallpapers and themes, and visuals are just awesome. The honor 50 runs android-11, one of the latest features honor 50 supports.

In terms of Android 11, the Honor 50 supports almost every feature of Google’s OS, which includes:

  • Single app permission
  • Notification pop-ups
  • The media controls in the notification bar
  • Conversation setup of messaging apps.

There are many default apps installed in the phone that you can delete at your wish. We are talking about:

  • Gallery
  • Phone book
  • Weather
  • Files
  • Calculator
  • Notepad, etc 

No automatic brightness control makes it easy to control the brightness at your level, which means you have to set the brightness manually, which is a feature, in my opinion. Because the automatic controls sometimes become irritating when we are in need of a bright screen, the darkness comes. Well, it’s your choice what you want.

Deleting an app is easy with honor 50. You must hold on with a long press to get the ‘uninstall’ option. You can delete the cache, force stop, or make background adjustments from the settings.

The muti-tasking feature is the specialty of the honor 50. The good news is that we have the screen-off gestures and raise-to-answer gestures to wake up the screen.

Performance of Honor 50:

The Snapdragon 778G is used in honor 50, which employs an octa-core CPU and Adreno 642L GPU. The Snapdragon 778G can compete easily with other brands’ smartphones, even at a mid-range price.

Our experts did a CPU-bound stress test to check the phone bears the high loads, and the performance was great. This will show an ideal and perfect smartphone if you plan to buy a smartphone with a longer life span.

The performance is great for gaming too. On this smartphone, you can play many games like PUBG, Call of duty, etc. It will easily carry such heavy games.

However, the efficiency of the honor 50 is the best in terms of software and performance. Every app functions at its best. You must buy this smartphone as this is the best at a mid-range price.

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