Smart xiaomi yeelight

The Smart Xiaomi Yeelight from Gearbest is Delightful

Smart xiaomi yeelight from gearbest

The Smart Xiaomi Yeelight is a useful and decorative lamp that adds a nice touch of color ambiance to any room. This lamp is considered a bedside light and uses fancy and sophisticated high grade osram LED while also being easy to operate. The Yeelight is very much a neo-futuristic product which can make your bedroom or any room in your house both comfortable and romantic. The glowing colors can also create a cool ambiance and provide mood lighting. The multiple uses of the Yeelight are neat and fun and work well in virtually any setting.

The Basics

Smart xiaomi yeelight from gearbest

The lamp offers multiple colors and setting options. The Yeelight is very convenient and can be used with or without a smartphone. Basic functioning of the lamp without a smartphone is done manually by the two buttons on the top and touch sensitive strip around the rim of the lamp’s top edge. Of the two buttons on top, the larger one in the center controls power and turns the light on and off. The second and smaller button changes the mode. On a single press, the light changes into a solid color mode, while a second press changes it into a regular desktop lamp and standard white light. A third press activates the flowing color mode in which the light gently fades from one color into another. The touch sensitive strip controls brightness. Running your finger clockwise makes the light brighter, running your finger along the strip counterclockwise makes the light dimmer. The brightness control strip works in and across all the modes. The strip can also be used to change the color of the light when the lamp is in solid color mode. When you press down on the smaller button and slide your finger around the strip, you can change and adjust the color.

Using the Yeelight Smartphone App

Smart xiaomi yeelight from gearbest

The Yeelight is considered a smart lamp and can be controlled via Bluetooth on your smartphone. If you have a smartphone, in the instruction booklet is a QR code. Scanning this code automatically takes you to Xiaomi’s website where the App can be downloaded. Once you have downloaded and installed the App, you will have the ability to control your lamp settings right from your phone, the lamp and phone communicate via bluetooth and essentially your phone becomes a remote control for your lamp. When your phone app has picked up the light in Bluetooth, then on the second screen you can easily adjust the brightness of the light by sliding your finger up and down the screen. The speed in which the light changes in flowing color mode can be adjusted by sliding your finger back and forth across the screen.

On the bottom of the app are four buttons, the first button turns the lamp off, the second button puts the lamp in the solid color mode. When you have set or are setting the solid color mode from your phone, you can adjust the color by sliding your finger across the screen. The third button meanwhile sets the lamp in desktop mode and the color can be adjusted from a cooler white to a warmer glowing orange-y type color. In the App’s top right corner are three dots which when pressed takes you to the settings menu. In the settings menu, you can sign into your account and change the time when the light will be on and turn off.

The app is very nifty. It allows you to program the lamp to turn off at certain times, such as when you are going to bed. You also can program the light to come on at certain times, such as when returning home from work in the evening or while you are away. From outside of your home it will appear that someone is home, which can be helpful in deterring potential burglars and break-ins. While the lamp and your phone are in the flowing color mode, the app also allows you to change which colors the lamp light flows between. For example you can set the flowing color mode to only switch from blue to orange, blue to red, and so forth.

Should You Buy One?

For the price ($54.46), the Yeelight is a good buy especially if you have a smartphone. Using the app via Bluetooth makes the lamp that much better. At first, downloading the app and using the Bluetooth features may seem complicated, however the download is quick and easy, as is operating the lamp from your phone. The Yeelight is a cool product, the lamp’s different colors glowing from cooler blues to warmer orange and red and can give your room an entirely different feel and ambiance. If you want to create a certain mood, whether romantic or otherwise, you may want to pick up one of these fine lamps from Gearbest. The Yeelight is an ornamental lamp unlike any other lamp and you’re certain to love it. If you’re looking for more smart products in your home, here are some other Xiaomi Smart best sellers.


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