Simple Android App Teased on Facebook

Simple appSimple is a new alternative for banking. It is aimed at those people who are tired of conventional banking and looking for something “Simple” (No pun intended) and easy. Well, there have been numerous cases of people being rejected by Simple just because they had an Android device, Worry no more my friends, as Simple is finally coming to Android. It has been available on iOS for a while now.

The folks over at Simple recently shared the exciting news on their Facebook page and also posted some screenshots of the upcoming app. In a nutshell, Simple is coming to Android. However, no exact release date was given but if the Developers are to be believed, then it will be available early next year.

No word on extra features either, but developers shared the supported devices. Any device running Android 2.3.3 or higher would be supported, that’s something. People who already know what Simple is would be extremely happy, but if you don’t know much about Simple then let me give you a brief overview of the service.

Simple is a basic banking app that’s described as the solution to replace your standard banks with. With a Simple account, you get a Simple Visa card as well that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and ATMs. You can deposit/withdraw money in your Simple account easily, that app explains it all.

Simple is the perfect solution for you if you want to save some time on all those banking hassles. It is the future of banking. However, there’s a catch, it’s still in Closed Beta stage so you can only get access if you have an invite. Check out the Official Facebook page for more details.

What are your thoughts on Simple? Do you think it’s actually a replacement for your bank? Let us know.