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Sigmo: Your Handy Dandy Translating Sidekick

You can now visit the most exotic countries and break the language barrier with a little device called Sigmo.


Sigmo Translator

This pill box-sized translator connects to translation services on your phone using Bluetooth. The device has a speaker, a microphone and three buttons: one to select the language you will be speaking, one to select the translated language and one to repeat the phrase. It also has a mini headphone jack.

Here’s how to use it:

You speak into the box, Sigmo records your voice, sends it to the cloud and speaks back to you in the language of your choice.

Sigmo can translate to 25 languages from Spanish to Ukranian. Using offline-translating technologies, Sigmo users will be able to download language vocabularies to their phones. Additionally, Sigmo not only directly translates what you are trying to say; it translates the meaning of the phrase so the translation doesn’t come out in jibberish.

Sigmo also doubles as a hands-free Bluetooth device. It will activate Siri on your iPhone so you can make calls, send texts and complete other tasks. Because Bluetooth typical

ly drains the battery on your phone, Sigmo runs in “background mode” saving your phone’s battery life. The device will connect with Android and IOS operating systems.

David Barnett and Marti Karrer are the inventors of Sigmo. David has entrepreneurial skills and experience in international trade and development. Marti is the technology guru and design engineer. Together, while on vacation, they thought of creating Sigmo. Now, with the help of Indiegogo and a team of workers and creative thinkers, their idea has come to life.

The price of Sigmo will be $50 and it will be shipped out in January 2014. The device comes in silver, copper, white, yellow and black. Each Sigmo package is equipped with a neck strap, a hook bracelet, a stainless steel hook and a carrying bag.

Sometimes cultural misunderstandings can be funny, and they sure can make a good story. But when you’re lost in the middle of a big city or you accidentally get into an argument with a foreigner because you mistake simple words for obscene ones, Sigmo is the perfect way to keep you out of trouble. So when you travel to a foreign city, don’t forget your trusty sidekick. The translating sidekick, of course.