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How Does SAP Implementation Automate Routine Tasks and Improve Warehouse Efficiency?

Why does the company choose SAP Software Solutions for a warehouse? And why is the other categorically against it? How is the formation of the decision? What is the motivation for and what is against? We will try to answer the question based on our observations and experience.

Do You Really Want SAP System for Your Business?

The choice of a system appears before the company in two cases – the company is just starting its journey or the existing system ceases to satisfy it.

The choice of the SAP for warehouse as a business management system at the beginning of the company’s activity indicates a well-thought-out strategy for the company’s development. This strategy is aggressive and the company plans rapid growth of its business. And, of course, this strategy plans to generate high profits for the company. 

Also, this indicates a high level of IT awareness of the company’s top managers and very ambitious goals. Because if the company does not plan to enter international markets, does not feel the need to have the latest analytical tools, and does not need a single digital space for conducting business, it is enough to simply implement an accounting system. And most importantly, people who make decisions in the company know how to count money correctly!

The decision to change the existing system is more complicated. The company is already a working, living organism, with its achievements, more or less coordinated processes, perhaps with some of its own know-how, and also with pain points, and bottlenecks that begin to slow down business growth. Top management begins to get nervous due to inaccurate analytics, the unsatisfactory speed of preparing these analytics, and the need to constantly expand the staff. 

The inability to quickly respond to market changes, because it leads to catastrophic changes in the existing software, or even the inability to adapt the existing system to these changes, also does not add satisfaction. But it is the degree of ambition of the company that has a decisive influence on the decision to replace the system – from an accounting system to a business management system, or as it is also called – an enterprise resource planning and management system (ERP). 

Why Do You Need to Implement SAP?

The ambition to have hotkey performance indicators at your fingertips at any moment, the desire to go global and attract world-class investment, the need to be number one in your industry and work with the best of the best, to implement your ideas and have the freedom to act, all of this leads to a decisive step – SAP services are needed that will help to put all this into practice.

After realizing the need for change, the question of choice arises. And this is an interesting moment. Selection among the leaders of world-class ERP systems, search for representatives of these systems in the country, communication with regional representatives, and reference visits to companies that work with certain systems. Let’s add another very important step that is not often practiced – demonstration of individual system solutions by experts who have experience in implementing this system, live discussion, and dialogue between a potential customer and experts.

By the way, the best business practices and world experience, embodied in software, is the ERP system of the world level, in which companies of various industries and in different countries of the world work. So why SAP?

SAP knows how to conduct a process in the system, and how to build their connection, how to build a unique platform for business functioning – this is what professional consultants for setting up and implementing the SAP system know. It’s like constructing a building from ready-made blocks.

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