Geeky Deal of the Day: Attack on Titan – Part 1 (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo)

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Attack of titan - part 1


The anime cult classic “Attack on Titan” has just been released today on DVD and Blu-ray.  Get your copy from Amazon at a 37% discount for only $31.48.

This is Japan’s version of the Walking Dead and if you’ve never seen it, then you’re in for a treat.


When the man-eating giants called Titans first appeared, humans retreated behind massive walls. After a hundred years of safety, a colossal-sized Titan smashes through the defenses, unleashing a flood of giants and carnage in the streets. Eren Jaeger watches helplessly as one of the creatures devours his mother.

He vows to kill every Titan walking the earth.

Eren and his surviving friends enlist to fight against the insatiable monsters. The future looks bleak, but there s more to Eren than meets the eye: he may be humanity s last hope against extinction. From the director of Death Note and High School of the Dead comes the series Anime News Network calls an intense, visceral, and graphic thrill ride. The Titans have come to feast. Anything can happen. No one is safe.



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