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Robert Downy Jr. Is The Most Valuable Actor, Again

“Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” are the words, though a bit exaggerated, to best describe our favorite comic book actor Robert Downy Jr. Straight from the horse’s mouth in a film that placed him above all the rest of the Hollywood elite just over a year ago, the Iron Man alter ego is awarded yet again the highest paid actor by Forbes Magazine. Earning an outstanding $75 million dollars between June 2013 and June 2014, the famed actor has but one sole role to thank for the steep paycheck, reprising for the fourth time Tony Stark in Iron Man 3.

He Chooses The Right Roles

Though one may think that to earn such a high salary RDJ must be throwing his talent at every potential script that lands on his expensive table, it’s actually a matter of the contrary. For the past few years Downy the 2nd has only been staring in one film annually. In 2011 he returned as the snooty Sherlock Holmes in Game of Shadows, in 2012 he collaborated with a first ever successful super-powered team up in Avengers, in 2013 he again milked the cash cow with Iron Man 3, and so far in 2014 we’ve only seen him simply as Marvin for no more than 10 minutes in Jon Faveau’s Chef. While he will later star as the lead once again in October for The Judge, it’s no surprise why Robert Downy Jr. is actor to invest in for a successful film.

His Characters Are Unforgettable

Though his recent roles have portrayed a sense of shared sharp witted arrogance, snobbery, and snide behavior, his past portfolio displays characters that are humble, weary, and down to earth. Overall, he’s an actor best befitting a role of deserved emotion. Back before his invigorating comeback, his most memorable role was reviving the legendary Charlie Chaplin which won him a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He would later be nominated once again for Best Supporting Actor in Ben Stiller’s mega meta-parody Tropic Thunder as Kirk Lazarus, a serious method actor with an identity crisis. A small minority can also remember Downy from a lesser known dramedy called Charlie Bartlett, where he plays a tiresome principle at war with a revolting teen. Soon after RDJ sprang into action with Iron Man and followed it up with a double whammy in pop culture with Sherlock Holmes, each role showcased crowd favorite personalities with burdening inner demons. Whether his characters struggle with alcoholism, survivor’s guilt, mental breakdowns, abandonment, sex, drugs, and even post-traumatic stress, RDJ constantly delivers a crowd pleasing performance.

Given his numerous recent successes, Robert Downy Jr. is far from slowing down. With confirmation that there’ll be a third installment of Sherlock Holmes, the fact that he’s very open to negotiations for a fourth Iron Man (also given the foreshadowing notion that the Mandarin will return) and with Avengers: Age of Ultron in motion with a third follow up, RDJ still has much to gain in the near future.