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The Rise of Video Conferencing – Infographic

As the lives of employees and employers become more and more dependent on technology, video conferencing has risen from it’s status as an enjoyable novelty to an essential tool. Not only are more and more people using video conferencing to communicate and do business with people who are not located near their office, they are also using this technology to make their homes into their place of employment by working remotely. As statistics from companies like Skype and Ovoo would suggest, It has become clear that executives would rather participate in a video conference rather than traveling to a physical meeting. Video conferencing is not only more convenient for these business executives, but also more cost effective for companies who are looking to slash unnecessary spending that might stem from gas, taxi fares, or even plane tickets. Reducing costs, lowering environmental impact, and increasing productivity are only a few of the many perks that are associated with video conferencing from an office or from home. Money can also be saved for those who work from home, in terms of gas, vehicle maintenance costs, and parking.

Because of the ease of use and money saving aspects of video conferencing, it is not surprising that the use of this technology has increased rapidly over the last 10 years, with no end in sight.  As the info-graphic below suggests, more and more companies will soon be converting to the use of video conferencing in place of actual meetings as a way to cut costs, save time, and increase productivity. With a whopping 1.8 billion Skype video calls made each year, it is evident that people are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of meeting via computer instead of face to face.

We came across this awesome info-graphic from the UK that chronicles the current statistics related to video conferencing popularity and its future growth.  While the rate of growth may seem shocking, even CIO’s of big corporations believe that their desk phone will be rendered useless by year 2017. How’s that for technological growth?



SOURCE:The Rise of Video Conferencing