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Ridiculous Rubik’s Cube Is An 11x11Puzzle-Solving Pain Fest

Alright, all of you puzzle-Nazis, get a load of this…


Not Just An Average Rubik’s Cube

We’ve all had a regular, run of the mill Rubik’s cube, and yet only a handful of us have a good enough understanding of the algorithm method to actually solve it. But what about THIS monstrosity?  It’s available on Amazon for a whopping $160 dollars and, by golly, we aren’t sure if anyone has EVER solved this thing. Even re-stickering it would take FOREVER. Surely, there is some algorithmic key to solving this hulk of a Rubik’s cube, but we’re pretty sure that it’s insanely difficult and crazy, just like the puzzle itself.


  1. Nah, it’d be time consuming but not difficult. Reduction method then solve as normal everyday 3×3.

  2. Avatar Random Rubik's Cube Solver says:

    Meh, wouldn’t be hard .Would just take a while.

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