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Revolutionizing Payment Methods: eMailACheck Introduces the Future of Transactions

 In a world still heavily reliant on paper checks, one company is trying to transform how we make payments. With an astounding 42.6 billion paper checks being issued annually, it’s time for a safer, faster, and more cost-effective solution.

eMailACheck, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Alan Waserstein, offers a groundbreaking electronic check solution that brings the age-old practice of check writing into the 21st century. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, eMailACheck revolutionizes payment methods, offering security, convenience, and affordability like never before.

The statistics speak for themselves. A recent study by the Federal Reserve revealed that businesses account for 60% of all checks written each year. With companies constantly seeking ways to streamline operations and reduce costs, the demand for an alternative to paper checks is immense.

The implications are vast, reaching across various industries, organizations, and even government entities. From building contractors and schools to charities and government tax departments, countless entities rely on paper checks. eMailACheck presents a game-changing solution for them all.

But what sets eMailACheck apart? A business owner no longer needs to chase after paper checks that may never arrive or get lost in transit. Both the business owner and the check writer saves on postage, handling and fees that payment processors charge. A check writer also doesn’t have to worry about their check being white-washed when it gets into the wrong person’s hands.  Waserstein currently uses it in his business and decided to make that same convenience available to everyone.

To lead this revolution, eMailACheck has assembled a team of seasoned professionals, including Amaha Selassie, a respected financial technology expert with two decades of experience. With such visionary leadership in place, eMailACheck is poised for success.

Many may wonder if their banks accept emailed checks. Thanks to the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, all paper checks eventually transform into electronic checks. Banks and financial institutions already utilize digital imaging to process payments. eMailACheck democratizes this secure technology, allowing anyone, anywhere, to enjoy the convenience, security, and efficiency of electronic check payments on any device.


  • Convenience lies at the heart of eMailACheck’s offering. It enables individuals and businesses to swiftly and securely send and receive money through email, text, or any device, anytime and anywhere for pennies .


  • Moreover, eMailACheck ensures the highest level of security and reliability. By encrypting and tokenizing transactions, sensitive data remains accessible only to authorized financial institutions.


  •  Beyond convenience and security, eMailACheck is also committed to efficiency and environmental responsibility. It offers the lowest costs, fastest transactions, and unrivaled security, all while championing sustainability. By transitioning from paper checks to electronic alternatives, eMailACheck actively contributes to saving the environment.

eMailACheck is fully bonded, insured, and holds patents for its software. The technology has already been proven and trusted by banks and financial institutions, solidifying its reliability and scalability.

With the potential to disrupt an industry deeply entrenched in traditional practices, eMailACheck invites everyone to embrace the future of transactions. Say goodbye to the hassles of paper checks and join the movement towards a safer, faster, and greener way of making payments. eMailACheck is leading the charge, and the time for change is now.

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  1. Avatar Brian Still says:

    Great article and revolutionary idea

    1. Matthew Harris Matthew Harris says:

      Thanks you, Brian. Glad you enjoyed hearing about it and we appreciate the feedback.