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The Controller People: The Ultimate Controller Customization Experience

I’ve always been a bit leery of venturing beyond my standard console controllers. Is it really worth it when what’s included with the console gets the job done? Well, a few hours with a custom PS4 controller from The Controller People has raised the bar for what that “job” is. Let’s get down to all the features that make their products and service stick out from the crowd of modified controllers you can find these days.

They Look Slick


First, let’s take a moment to appreciate how awesome the controller looks. Yeah, maybe aesthetics come second to function, but it’s still the first thing you notice when you pull it out of the package. I am a female who shamelessly loves pink, and it looks pretty spiffy on the controller I’ve been trying out. Don’t worry if pink isn’t your thing, The Controller People have a ridiculously large selection of PS4 controller designs that they’re always expanding upon. Their controllers have a wide range of colors, finishes, and even prints available, so you’re sure to find something that suits you.


ClickSticks are a trademark for The Controller People that you might relate to “paddles” found on other controllers. If you are unfamiliar with this type of button, there are two of them located on the back of a controller and each remaps a button from the front. What sets ClickSticks apart from an ordinary paddle system is the natural positioning and movement used when pressing them. They use a downward motion rather than inward and fall perfectly beneath your middle fingers.


Like any normal gamer, the first thing I did as I pulled the controller out was to assume the gaming position. There was no adjustment necessary in my grip to include the ClickSticks and to incorporate them into my actual gameplay. Personally, my favorite thing about them is they allow me to spare my right thumb the rapid movement required to use all four of the buttons on the gamepad. Basically, this means my hand is much more comfortable for longer playing periods. Bring on the gaming binges! Not to mention, my gaming potential has stepped up. The two buttons covered by the ClickSticks leave my thumb much more available for the right analog camera controls in my favorite action RPG games and it was a cinch to get used to. My controller uses the trigger-style ClickSticks, but there is also a stud-style available if that’s your preference.

Interchangeable Analog Sticks


The simplicity and the versatility of The Controller People’s interchangeable analog system is super impressive. Simply pop off the “stick topper” (if you will) and change it out for whatever suits your current needs.

Three different lengths are included…


as well as two different textures.


I loved the fully textured one for its extra “grippy” feel. While I’m not big into FPS games, I played a little Call of Duty with my controller specifically to try out the taller attachments when aiming. The precision added was substantial, and I loved that I could leave a shorter attachment on the left analog stick since I preferred it for moving my character. Seriously so many possibilities with these, and you can change them out in a heartbeat.

Spring Stop Triggers


All of you FPS fanatics, never fear, trigger stops are available to you. And, of course, The Controller People give you the ultimate customization experience with two different heights. Simply twist the stud to find what suits you best. How’s that for giving you your optimum quick-shooting capability? You also have the option to remove the function for games that require the trigger’s full range of motion.

There’s More Where That Came From…

So far I’ve only discussed the main features The Controller People offer for their PS4 controllers, but other customization options such as thumbstick grips, trigger caps, and GripClips are also offered. You can add as much or as little as you prefer. The possibilities are endless! GripClips were included on my controller.


I’m definitely a fan of the no-slip feel of them and they look really cool too. If you’re one who gets a case of slippery hands when gaming, you may want to invest.

Customer Service

If you aren’t sold yet, then perhaps the actual people of The Controller People will do the trick. They’re a small team that deliver personal service to all of their customers. In fact, they originated from a single person dissatisfied with the paddle system available for controllers at the time and a “crappy 3D printer” (words straight from the horse’s mouth). The Controller People of today, however, use upgraded equipment and more customization options to provide customers with the numerous and innovative PS4 controller options now available.

And did I mention the affordability of their products? Their use of 3D printers allows them to provide a more cost-effective service while simultaneously catering to your specific needs. No need to take my word for it though, check out their website to find the PS4 controller perfect for you. And if you can’t find it in their catalog, you can always opt to build your own!

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