Resident Evil 6 HD: Too Much Action, Not Enough Horror?

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Resident Evil  was once credited for being the original home of survival horror and the start of every other survival horror game.

The Resident Evil series has six main series and a large number of spin off titles contributing to the story and franchise. However, after criticism of the direction that the game was going, Capcom changed their ways and decided to head back to a more successful route with HD remakes. Resident Evil HD was released with great support from fans all over the world and with that in mind, the announcement of HD was not expected. However, a remake gives the franchise the opportunity to get any mistakes right.

Resident Evil 6 was originally released in 2012 and took a different approach from the more recent titles. The game sees the player take control of some of the our favorite characters through four individual and unique campaigns. Each campaign has five chapters within it and each are intentionally different with a variety of enemy types throughout.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, resident evil 6 hd: too much action, not enough horror? , gaming

Resident Evil 6 had mixed reviews from fans upon the initial release, mainly due to lack of horror. Instead, the game focuses on action sequences. Only five minutes into the opening prelude to the game, fans will be amazed by the quality of the effects. Explosions and quick time events run the show over more traditional game tutorials.

Gameplay Details

Upon pressing “new game,” you will be introduced to four options. Each campaign is labeled by the main protagonists: Leon, Chris, Jake, and Ada. They can be played either solo or co-op. This selection gives you settings that include co-op gameplay such as “serious players only” among others and the option to search regionally or internationally for co-op partners. There is another option to have a private room for only you and your friends as well. This is a highly appreciated change for many gamers.

Resident Evil has created a very fast paced action adventure that was not showing any real signs of the survival horror mechanics that the series was once built upon, nor any signs of slowing down from the frantic action sequences. Whilst the enemies were still there and still as horrible looking as ever, it didn’t take long to realize that almost every other enemy would drop enough ammunition to blow apart any monstrosity the game could throw. With a fresh set of explosions or a quick time event taking place, every time there was even a slight progression for Resident Evil 6, the excitement quickly dwindled. Each progressive chapter became more and more predictable. Unfortunately, the survival horror was completely taken away at the end of even the first chapter as the option to buy a set of skill upgrades is made available. With many to choose from ranging from increased firepower to more ammo drops, and eventually the unlockable infinite ammo option for many of the games weapons, there was no longer anything left to keep the feeling of horror in the game.

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The three campaign offers failed to change much, other than enemies, from the core experience and instead the gameplay is just more of the same. Each have their own explosions aplenty and many more QTE’s every time a cut scene comes along, as well as bosses who require being bested several times throughout each story before accepting the ultimate defeat. In fact, by the end of the first campaign, the game felt more like a generic third person shooter than anything else.

Pros and Cons, There Are Many

Aside from the main story there are of course the various multiplayer game modes. Finding enough players to even take part in these proved near impossible. However, playing with a friend is by far the best way to go about this experience, especially if you are going to try the tougher difficulties. But even the A.I offered as the respectable number 2 at your side does no bad job at keeping your health topped up, proving useful with a gun in hand as well. It isn’t until the highest difficulties in which the A.I starts to falter and this is due in part to the much quicker gameplay required to best the many boss battles. That is a slight shame as this is where the true enjoyment can be found. However, with a friend on hand to help you up whilst dodging round the sometimes colossal bosses, the experience is truly enjoyable and one not to be missed.

The most notable let down for Resident Evil 6 overall is actually the lack of new content. Sure, there is the addition of all previously released DLC multiplayer modes and plenty within that, but with match-ups so empty at the present time it really doesn’t do any justice for what could have been. With nothing else other than the updated visuals making a change from the original release, there isn’t really anything notable to drag you in.

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