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Rebel With a Cause

No, I’m not referring to some unknown sequel to the James Dean classic or the folks that are upset about the Nascar flag ban. I’m talking about and their mission to make quality websites affordable. If you’ve had, or attempted to develop a fast, sharp-looking website in the past few years then you’ve probably found at least 2 things:

  1. Learning how to build one isn’t all that easy.
  2. Managed WordPress companies are expensive.

While the days of having to know how to hand-code HTML are long gone, most of us simply don’t have the time to learn what Gutenberg is, let alone how the heck to use it to create our new place on the web. Furthermore, with tight budgets that seem to keep getting tighter, the majority of businesses don’t have the capital to shell out top dollar for managed services.

That means we either have to buckle down and focus on learning all we can about the ins and outs of site building, or open the purse strings to some giant corporation that really couldn’t care less if we’re successful or not.

Well, not exactly.

The big guys out there may charge an arm, leg, and your first born child but with Rebel, you can get the same speedy service from someone that actually cares.

Check out what else you get with the folks over at

Managed WordPress & More

First off, when you partner with for your managed WordPress needs, you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is a huge factor because as any website owner will tell you, next to your product or services, accessibility is critical to your online success. 

This goes hand-in-hand with your website speed as well, if it loads slow, your potential customers will simply go elsewhere. Rebel will ensure loads in 200ms or less just like those mega-large hosts out there. However, Rebel will do it without breaking the bank. That means that when customer old and new visit your website, it’ll be available and load super fast. Two keys you simply must have in order to unlock success.

With global server locations and SSL certificates, along with a Customer Service team that is actually staffed by real humans answering the phones 24/7/365 instead of those annoying robo-systems that bounce you between queues, supplies all the ingredients necessary for you to prosper.

Tired of your current host but nervous about the cost of moving? That’s yet another perk you get — Free Hosting Migration. Not only do you get moved over for free, those of you lucky enough to come across this article will save 70% when you move to’s Managed WordPress now.

And just like those countless infomercials, we have to say, “but wait, there’s more” because you also get:

  • Powerful e-commerce tools
  • Modern and professional templates
  • Website design packages
  • Privacy protection
  • Domain brokerage services 
  • Rebel’s ChangeMaker program which is designed to connect people and organizations

To wrap this all up, offers managed WordPress services that are  reliable, fast, affordable, and comes with fantastic perks that are designed to help you succeed. Whether you’re starting your first business website or simply need someone more reliable and not as pricey as your current provider, this Rebel has your back.


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