RazorPOD Stops Micro-Corrosion and Keeps Your Razor Sharp

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Contrary to what you may believe, the dull razor hanging in your shower that keeps nicking you every time you use it is not dull due to the act of shaving itself. That’s right. Shaving doesn’t dull razors. Moisture and oxidation does. If you are using your razor and leaving it soaking wet afterward, you are actively dulling your razor and wasting your money! But meticulously drying your razor every. single. time. you use it is kind of a hassle, right? Especially if you are accustomed to storing it in the shower for easy access. Awesomely enough, a Kickstarter campaign has been started to combat this problem with a genius little gadget called ‘RazorPOD’.


How Does It Work?

The RazorPOD is a clever little container that takes up residence inside your shower. When you are done shaving, simply insert the blade of your razor into the small opening at the bottom of the container. The blade will rest inside the pod, which is filled with colored silica beads. The silica wicks away moisture, drying the blade in record time. Eventually, the silica will become saturated and need drying out. Never fear, though, because there is absolutely  no messy emptying or replacing involved with the silica beads. When the beads need replacing (you’ll know because they chance color when they are too wet), simply remove the RazorPOD from your shower and flip out the wall plug from the back of the unit. Plug the RazorPOD into the nearest outlet and let the unit do all the work. The same technology that wall-outlet air fresheners use will dry out the silica beads in a hurry and ready them for the next use! How easy is that?

Head on over to the RazorPOD Kickstarter page and pre-order your RazorPOD before the campaign ends!