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Quest 3 Prototype Confirms That It’s a Stark Improvement Over Its Predecessor

After releasing its Quest 2 VR headset in 2020, Meta launched a more expensive offering in the form of the Quest Pro in 2022. With more than double the difference in pricing, Quest 2 remains significantly more affordable than the Pro version. But with almost 3 years since its launch, the Quest 2 is in dire need of an upgrade. 

Fortunately, news about the Quest 3 prototype confirms that the headset is indeed getting what you may call a major overhaul. With upgrades such as a lighter design, new chipset, and color cameras, the Quest 3 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting offerings in VR. 

Here is what we know about the Quest 3 and why it could help to move the needle in virtual reality.

Quest 3 Prototype Report: Major Upgrades Are Coming

According to Bloomberg, the Quest 3 prototype shows massive upgrades on Quest 2. Some of the most notable changes in the headset include the following.

Lighter Weight

To many people, weight is one of the most pressing concerns about using a VR headset. The Quest 3 developers seem to have picked up on it and made the new headset lighter than Quest 2.  

Thinner Style

The shedded had to come from somewhere, which is why the Quest 3 is also noticeably thinner than its predecessor. This would make it more comfortable to wear while also adding to its appearance. 

Comfier Design

The Quest 3 prototype also boasts of a fabric lining on the sides instead of hard plastic. This once again adds to the comfort factor and makes the headset more appealing to those who don’t want to put bulky plastic on their heads. 

Faster Performance

The prototype overview also highlighted that Quest 3 offers faster performance than Quest 2. From installing new apps to managing settings, this is bound to help in ensuring a smoother experience to users. 

New Chipset

The smooth performance of Quest 3 comes from the use of a new chipset. While it is still a Snapdragon XR2, it is the second generation of the chipset. This not only puts it ahead of Quest 2, but also makes it surpass Quest Pro that uses the XR2 first generation chipset.

Color Cameras

While the Quest Pro has a single color camera to enhance its viewing experience, the Quest 2 does not include it in its design. Upgrading on both of these offerings, the Quest 3 carries two color cameras for better viewing.

Depth Sensor

The Quest 3 prototype also boasts of a depth sensor, which allows you to reconstruct the surroundings in an improved manner than the Quest 2. This opens doors to more optimized passthrough and mixed reality experiences. 

Simultaneous Phone Usage

Users of the Quest 2 headset could not use their phone while wearing the headset, which made it quite irksome to remove the headset over and over. The Quest 3 resolves this by allowing seamless phone usage while wearing your headset.

The Quest 3 May Cost Up to $500 at Launch

According to reports, the Quest 3 cost may range from $300-$500. With the upgrades that are included in the prototype, it is safe to assume that the final price might end up on the higher end of this range.

The Quest 3 is set to launch in October 2023, exactly 3 years after the release of Quest 2. 

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