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Is it possible to make more of an Error 404 page?

Whenever an incorrect URL is typed into a browser or if a piece of content which was previously on a site has been removed, the chances are that a message entitled ‘Error 404’ will come up. They basically state the obvious, and aim to redirect site visitors to go back to the homepage or try again, but a growing number of site owners are using them for something more.
404 pages are now being used to try and help redirect site visitors to the homepage in an easier way, but they’re also being used as a blank canvas for them to show how funny and creative they can be. As the following examples show, the sky’s the limit for how they can actually look:


Looking at this attempt from Fuelly, you might not be able to tell it’s a 404 page, but it looks much nicer.

This page from Geeksquad is a little more helpful, but far more substantial.

On the other hand, Orangecoat decided to go a little left-field and break down the elements of a typical 404 message in this chart.


This creation from Virgin Holidays Cruises allows you to navigate your way off a desert island on to your next cruise adventure.