Pleygo Launches Giveaway In Honor Of LEGO Movie!

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Our friends over at Pleygo are wrapping up a fun giveaway this week, in honor of the new LEGO movie (now in theaters). Pleygo is a LEGO brick subscription service that is like Netfilx in nature and allows kids to play with various LEGO kits, eventually swapping them out for even more fun adventures.  Here is what Pleygo is giving away to one lucky fan:

– The LEGO Movie ultimate sticker collection book

– Three special edition LEGO Movie minifigures

– $25 Fandango gift card (to go see the LEGO Movie!)

– A free 3-month Mega Fan Pleygo subscription

In all, this giveaway is valued at $150 dollars! To enter, visit Pleygo’s giveaway page and use the Rafflecopter widget to record your entries. It’s that easy!