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Phil Lockler on Darke Enterprises and the DemoNation

Darke Enterprises is a mixed media service that advocates and promotes content within the comic and pop culture industries. Services through Darke Enterprises include online marketing, consulting services, and helping their clients create an engaging social media presence in order to maintain energy and momentum throughout crowdfunding campaigns.

Using his retail and business experience, founder and CEO, Phil Lockler incorporates his knowledge in marketing through online events, panels and interviews. His approach has always been, first and foremost, as a fan. This consumer perspective gives Lockler unique insight into what keeps fans engaged.

Lisa Melone is a vital member of Darke Enterprises and brings her expertise in convention planning, marketing and campaign fulfillment to the team. Her strengths include social media management, consulting, and sourcing materials for crowdfunding stretch goals and backer kits.

DemoNation was created by the fans and followers FOR the fans and followers to promote one voice for the independent comics industry. One pebble in a pond creates small but noticeable ripples, but get enough pebbles thrown in, then you see the waves of change.

Phil Lockler

Darke Enterprises Shows

One of the best avenues for promotion are livestream web shows that Lockler offers. His shows include casual panels where artists, creators and influencers can relax and laugh, as well as in-depth discussions about current campaigns or developing projects.

One HELLUVA Comic Show is the flagship web show that helps promote creative team members through in-depth discussions about their current or developing projects.

Unscripted brings creative people into a livestream to kick back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

Comic LEGION is the newest addition in the web show lineup where a guest co-host joins ‘Demon Phil’ to present current crowdfunding campaigns of interest.

Keep it indie, y’all.

‘Demon Phil’ Lockler

Successful campaigns require influencers, managers, and a team of people who love the entertainment industry as if they were the most dedicated fans. For more information about Darke Enterprises services, contact Phil Lockler at d3monphil@gmail.com and join the DemoNation.

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