Outlook.com for Android Updated, Looks More Like Windows Phone App Now

Microsoft has updated the Outlook.com app for Android. The new update brings a completely new design and additional features to the app. It looks more like a Windows Phone app now.

Outlook. Com
Outlook.com on Android

Even though the new “Metro” style looks cool on the app,  Microsoft has also added a number of organizational features to the app as well. You can now thread messages to read a series of emails at the same time. In addition to threading, you can also flag important emails that need to be followed up on.  The ability to mark spam messages without having to open the target website and filtering messages of the same type also come with the new update.

In the announcement of the new updated app, Microsoft also discussed its popular Exchange ActiveSync protocol, by saying;

We believe that the best mobile experience is enabled through Exchange ActiveSync–which provides a rich, powerful, network-optimized experience for Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile devices.

This statement is a straight jab at Google’s decision for dropping support for Exchange ActiveSync on its platform.

Although, Microsoft adds;

However, native support for Exchange ActiveSync on Android devices varies significantly and so we have built a separate app to ensure as many people as possible can have a great Outlook.com experience across all their devices.

Outlook.com is better than its predecessor

According to the company, response to the new Outlook.com service in the first year of its transition from Hotmail has been tremendous. Outlook.com replaced Hotmail and Windows LIVE service last year, but it was not just a name change.  Instead, Outlook.com brought a completely new design to the service. The new look was much simpler and modern than its predecessor. The new update still doesn’t let Android users access their contacts on Microsoft’s “People” area – it’s available on the website only.

In other news, Outlook.com is still not available for iOS and iPeeps will have to access the service by using the service’s mobile website.

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