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OSRS F2P Money Making Guide

Are you struggling to earn money in OSRS using a free account? Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of great F2P money making methods in the game. On this guide, you’ll see what those methods are and how you can start doing them.

F2P accounts are fairly restricted in OSRS. When it comes to making money in the game, the options are understandably few compared to what you have access to on a full account. If you want to get rich while using a free account, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are three ways to start earning money on a F2P account.

Flipping In The Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is basically your best shot at getting rich in OSRS without having to go through a lot of work. To make flipping work, the concept is rather simple. All you need to do is to buy items at a low price and then sell it for a higher price once the demand for the item increases.

The in-game currency in OSRS is constantly moving. If you’re able to predict how the market is moving, buying and selling items is an easy way to get rich. There are lots of online sources that will help you keep track of the changes in the economy so don’t forget to check those out.

Buy Gold

One of the easiest ways to start earning money in the game is to buy OSRS gold. As interacting and trading with other players in the game is available for all players, you can easily buy gold using real money. You’ll then be able to receive the gold via trading in the game. The process is painstakingly easy and if you know where to buy affoirdable gold, it’s not expensive.

The challenging part however, is finding where you can buy gold. There are lots of websites that are legitimate sources of OSRS gold. There are obviously going to be some scammers who are out for your details and money. If you choose to go this route, make sure to do a lot of research for the website or business that you’re going ton transact with.

Buying gold from others is completely legal in OSRS. This is the quickest way to give you account and extra boost just in case you don’t have the time to grind.

In-Game Methods

There are so many ways to get rich in OSRS. Below is a table of the methods you can try, as well as a few important details that might help.

MethodHourly ProfitSkillsCategoryIntensity
High alching profitable free-to-play items575,000Magic 55Skilling/MagicLow
Smithing rune items478,000Smithing 99Skilling/SmithingLow
Mining runite ore (free-to-play)447,000Mining 85+, Attack 40 (optional), Defence 40+ (optional), Magic 25 (optional)Skilling/MiningModerate
Making pie shells287,000NoneProcessingLow
Collecting red spiders’ eggs (free-to-play)276,000Combat level 69+ recommendedCollectingModerate
Collecting steel platebodies (High Alchemy)251,000Magic 55 for High Level Alchemy, Decent Combat level and Defence, Prayer 43+ recommended for Protect from MeleeSkilling/MagicModerate
Crafting ruby jewellery242,000Crafting 50+ Crafting requiredSkilling/CraftingLow
Buying jug packs232,000NoneCollectingLow
Making dyes224,000NoneProcessingHigh
Collecting nature runes224,000Decent Combat level and Defence recommended, Prayer 43 recommended for protection prayers, Magic 33 required to cast Telekinetic GrabSkilling/MagicModerate
Buying iron ore203,000Mining 60 for access to Mining GuildCollectingModerate
Buying team capes202,000NoneCollectingLow
Grinding chocolate bars198,000NoneProcessingModerate
Collecting anti-dragon shields (free-to-play)189,000NoneCollectingModerate
Cooking plain pizzas188,000Cooking 35 (68 recommended)Skilling/CookingLow
Tanning cowhide181,000NoneProcessingLow
Crafting diamond jewellery178,000Crafting 56+ Crafting requiredSkilling/CraftingLow
Collecting cosmic runes176,000Decent Combat level and Defence recommended, Prayer 43 recommended for protection prayersCollectingModerate
Making pastry dough175,000NoneProcessingModerate
Making uncooked berry pies174,000Cooking 10ProcessingLow
Killing Bryophyta (free-to-play)166,000Attack 50+, Strength 50+, Defence 50+, Prayer 43+, Woodcutting 57+Combat/MidModerate
Collecting tinderboxes165,000NoneCollectingHigh
Collecting chaos runes162,000Decent Combat level recommended, Magic 25 to teleport to VarrockCollectingModerate
Killing chaos dwarves158,000Combat level 60+ recommendedCombat/MidLow
Killing ogress shamans145,00080+ Defence Attack Strength Magic, Ranged 40 recommendedCombat/HighModerate
Crafting emerald jewellery144,000Crafting 29+ requiredSkilling/CraftingLow
Mining adamantite ore (free-to-play)126,000Mining 70+Skilling/MiningLow
Collecting fish food125,000NoneCollectingModerate
Collecting monk’s robes120,000Prayer 31 Prayer requiredCollectingLow
Making uncooked apple pies118,000Cooking 30ProcessingLow
Filling water containers115,000NoneProcessingLow
Collecting bronze pickaxes114,000NoneCollectingHigh
Crafting sapphire jewellery112,000Crafting 20+ Crafting requiredSkilling/CraftingLow
Blessing unblessed symbols109,000Prayer 31+ProcessingLow
Making pizza bases103,000NoneProcessingHigh
Cutting yew logs (free-to-play)100,000Woodcutting 60Skilling/WoodcuttingLow
Killing imps89,000Combat level 30+ recommendedCombat/LowLow
Killing ogress warriors88,000Ranged 40 (60+ recommended)Combat/MidLow
Collecting wine of zamorak (free-to-play)87,000Magic 37CollectingLow
Cooking raw lobster87,000Cooking 40 (65+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLow
Killing monkeys83,000Combat level 5+ recommendedCombat/LowLow
Smelting iron bars81,000Smithing 15Skilling/SmithingLow
Cooking raw swordfish81,000Cooking 45 (75+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLow
Making dough at Cooks’ Guild80,000Cooking 32ProcessingHigh
Collecting iron ore76,000NoneCollectingLow
Buying ale from the Rising Sun Inn76,000NoneCollectingHigh
Making anchovy pizzas75,000Cooking 55Skilling/CookingModerate
Collecting steel platebodies74,000Decent Combat level and Defence recommended, Prayer 43 recommended for Protect from Melee, Magic 25 for Varrock TeleportCollectingModerate
Collecting and tanning cowhide72,000NoneCollectingLow
Mining iron ore (free-to-play)72,000Mining 15+ (41+ for Rune pickaxe, 60+ for Mining Guild), Combat level 13+ recommendedSkilling/MiningHigh
Making uncooked meat pies69,000Cooking 20ProcessingLow
Smelting bronze bars68,000Smithing 1+Skilling/SmithingLow
Mining clay65,000NoneSkilling/MiningLow
Killing cows and tanning cowhide63,000Combat level 20+ recommendedCombat/LowLow
Collecting spades58,000NoneCollectingModerate
Killing hill giants57,000Attack 30+ (40 recommended for rune scimitar), Strength 30+ (40+ recommended), Defence 30+ (40 recommended for rune armour)Combat/LowModerate
Shearing sheep56,000NoneCollectingLow
Collecting ashes55,000Firemaking 30CollectingLow
Catching shrimp & anchovies53,000Fishing 15+Skilling/FishingLow
Crafting gold jewellery52,000Crafting 5+ Crafting requiredSkilling/CraftingLow
Collecting big bones from the Bone Yard51,000Decent Combat level and Defence recommended, Prayer 25 recommended for Protect ItemCollectingModerate
Killing bears49,000Combat level 30+ recommendedCombat/MidModerate
Stealing Wydin’s bananas46,000NoneCollectingHigh
Collecting garlic43,000NoneCollectingModerate
Mining coal and superheating Adamantite bars40,000Mining 30+ (41+ strongly recommended for Rune pickaxe, 60 recommended for access to the Mining Guild), Smithing 70, Magic 43Skilling/MiningModerate
Mining coal (free-to-play)38,000Mining 35+ (41+ strongly recommended for Rune pickaxe), 65+ Combat level strongly recommendedSkilling/MiningModerate
Mining gold ore (Crafting Guild)37,000Mining 40 and Crafting 40Skilling/MiningLow
Killing Zamorak monks34,000Ranged 40+ recommended, Defence 20+ if Dragon Slayer I is not completed, Magic 37 to cast Falador Teleport (optional)Combat/LowModerate
Mining coal and superheating Mithril bars33,000Mining 30+ (41+ strongly recommended for Rune pickaxe, 60 recommended for access to the Mining Guild), Smithing 50, Magic 43Skilling/MiningModerate
Making flour32,000Cooking 32 (recommended)ProcessingLow
Cutting oak logs30,000Woodcutting 15 (60+ recommended)Skilling/WoodcuttingLow
Catching trout & salmon30,000Fishing 20Skilling/FishingLow
Collecting beer glasses29,000NoneCollectingLow
Buying kebabs in Al Kharid29,000NoneCollectingHigh
Killing chickens28,000NoneCombat/LowLow
Killing Ankou (free-to-play)27,000Combat level 60+ recommended, Magic 60+, Ranged 60+, Attack 60+, Strength 60+, Defence 60+ recommended, Prayer 43+ recommended for Pray MeleeCombat/MidModerate
Killing wizards27,000Combat level 20+ recommendedCombat/LowLow
Cooking raw tuna26,000Cooking 30 (55+ recommended)Skilling/CookingLow
Buying from Wydin’s Food Store24,000NoneCollectingHigh
Catching lobsters23,000Fishing 40+ (60+ recommended)Skilling/FishingLow
Mining gold ore (free-to-play)21,000Mining 40, Combat level 65+ recommended to avoid King Scorpion aggressionSkilling/MiningLow
Catching tuna & swordfish (free-to-play)20,000Fishing 50+, 60+ recommendedSkilling/FishingLow
Getting infinite money19,000NoneCollecting/NoneHigh
Picking potatoes18,000NoneCollectingLow
Cutting willow logs18,000Woodcutting 30 (41+ recommended)Skilling/WoodcuttingLow
Collecting air talismans17,000NoneCollectingModerate

Whille getting rich on a F2P account is hard, it’s still possible. You can work for it but there are hassle-free alternatives to start getting rich in the game. Hopefully, it won’t take you long before you find the perfect get rich methods for your account.

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