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Orange Telecommunications Will Meet the Rise in Digital Demand

During and after COVID-19, people have never been more connected through Social media. As a result, companies whose services are digital-oriented, like Orange, have seen a drastic increase in interest.

According to the company, Orange mobile data traffic increased 30% between 2020 and 2021. 

If you are unaware of Orange, it is a French telecommunications company. It has over 200 million customers worldwide and more than 10,000 workers. The company is involved in places like Egypt, Jordan, and many countries in Africa as well.

The multinational telecommunications company is one to watch to see how digitization takes place in other parts of the world.

Orange Is Investing More In Emerging Markets

Orange is transforming its organization to develop and extend its digital offer in several African and Middle Eastern countries.

The “My Orange” multi-service mobile app launched in 2016 with usage from 17 countries and is used for managing mobile and landline contracts.

Nowadays, people communicate, trade, work, transact, and entertain themselves using mobile phones. In 2021, the “My place” service has been included in “My Orange” mobile for entertainment purposes.

For instance, Côte d’Ivoire utilized a fiber offer exclusively for online subscriptions. Orange made it simple to get installation and delivery services in 72 hours.

“Jood” was also launched in Jordan in June 2022, a new offer providing more data, with a 100% digital customer journey from the order until delivery.

Orange Uses Bots

Orange has launched 21 bots which are available in 11 countries in Africa and the Middle East. The countries include Morocco, Jordan, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Tunisia, and Mali.

These bots were designed for informational purposes like viewing offers, data balance, and voice. However, chatbots have recently transformed into transactional services Guinea, Cameroon, and Jordan are now using chatbots to buy products and services.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, web portal, and the My Orange app are used to access the bots.

As of June 30, 2022, Orange is present in 18 countries in Africa and the Middle East, with 139 million users.

Orange Money, which is used for money transfer and financial services offer is available in 17 countries and has over 70 million customers.

As a multi-service operator, Orange continues to support and develop new digital services in Africa and the Middle East.

Orange Is Investing Cloud Infrastructure

The telecommunications firm is working with key partners like Equinix to enhance its infrastructure. The firm is turning to software defined networking and automation to prep for future needs. The recent addition to their partnership makes it to where Orange can use BMAAS to enter new markets in Europe and in the United States.

The firm will be able to expand Telco Cloud points of presence to help meet the ever expanding needs of its customer base.

Here is an excerpt from a press release by Equinix.

“Orange and Equinix announced today a collaboration to expand the Orange Telco Cloud footprint, using Equinix’s Bare Metal as a Service capability—Equinix Metal®—to speed the deployment of Orange’s New Generation International Network. The new model enables Orange to provide business and wholesale customers with powerful on-demand Telco Cloud Points of Presence (PoPs), delivering essential services such as SD-WAN, CDN, 5G roaming and voice services, with an expected latency below ~10 milliseconds. Three locations will be deployed by the end of this year: Amsterdam, Madrid and Seattle.”


The main components that customers prioritize is speed, reliability, flexibility, and quality and telecommunications companies must ensure to evolve to meet these needs. More firms will find themselves investing in network based services to enhance their deployment platforms.

The partnership with Equinix helps Orange to launch additional capabilities in a quicker fashion instead of having to wait a few months.



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