All-in-one Zeus 3D Printer Kickstarted

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In Greek mythology Zeus is the ruler of Mount Olympus and the ruler of all gods. The new AIO Robotics Zeus seems to be following in the steps of it’s mythological namesake as the lord of all 3d printers.


We’re all more than familiar with the 2d printer/copier combo that resides in just about every home office in the country. AIO Robotics is taking a big step up with their new Zeus all-in-one 3d printer. The Zeus has to ability to not only 3d print, but scan and copy 3d objects as well.

The whole process is ridiculously simple for all three functions. Not need to fuss with complicated software, just place the object in the scanning area and hit copy. The machine will scan it, create a 3d model based off of it, and produce a copy of the original object. Just one button and you get all the 3d copying effects of something right out of a sci-fi flick.

One of the most interesting features the Zeus has is it’s fax ability. If you know someone else with a Zeus you can simply fax over your 3d model directly to their machine so they can print it. When it finally comes out you can get your hands on the Zeus for a reasonable $2,500.

The Zeus was funded via kickstarter with a target of $100,000 which it blew right past, AIO Robotics hopes to get the all-in-one 3d printing powerhouse available for release in 2014. Most 3d printers start at $1,000 and go up considerably there from, so the Zeus looks like it’ll be a real competitor.

Now I just need to convince my wife and friends that we totally need to print our own Dungeons and Dragons minatures.