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Nvidia and Snowflake Collaborate to Offer Custom AI Models

GPU manufacturer Nvidia and cloud data solutions provider Snowflake have announced that they will colloborate to offer custom AI model generations and improvement to the latter’s customer base. When used against data that Snowflake customers store in the cloud, these AI models could help with data categorization, analysis, and assessment. 

Dubbed Snowpark Container Services, the solution gives Snowflake users the ability to execute containerized applications. While these applications will use the power of Nvidia GPUs, end-users will not have to do anything to transfer the data out of Snowflake’s storage solutions.

The Nvidia Snowflake AI partnership will have these models available in the form of generative AI, which has been all the rage among various industries in the past few months. When deployed for custom requirements, these solutions could allow data solutions customers to easily utilize large sets of data in a variety of ways.

What Can AI Models Do for the Data Stored in Snowflake?

Through the use of generative AI, these solutions provide customers with several options in order to make AI work to their benefit. 

One such use case is the option to train AI-powered chatbots that are able to pull answers from customers’ own database. Since Snowflake is all about scaling the power to analyze data, this could provide its user base with a highly relevant and effective tool for their needs. 

The generative AI algorithms are not limited to answering simple questions based on the customers’ stored data. They offer a variety of options for customers to use generative AI for their own benefit, right according to their specific needs. This means that if you have a requirement that goes beyond automated chatbots and extends to use cases such as data categorization or analysis, you can easily fulfill them through this solution. 

Nvidia Faces Fierce Competition From Other Tech Giants

As one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of GPU chips, Nvidia is at the front and center of the AI boon. The company’s GPU’s are integral to the development and training of various AI models, with many libraries using specific types of Nvidia GPUs to boost their speed and performance alike. 

By using the technology that Nvidia brings to the table, Snowflake will be able to deliver a seamless and smooth user experience to its users. This goes a long way towards bringing AI to the mainstream as well as allowing more people to benefit from this technology. 

The Nvidia Snowflake AI partnership is innovative, but it isn’t the first groundbreaking offering in the field of data storage and generative AI. While Nvidia is marching on with its unwavering status as the industry leader of AI-supportive GPU chips, its closest rivals are following closely behind. 

Recently, Microsoft offered a similar solution dubbed Azure AI studio that allows users to build their own generative AI algorithms. Earlier in June 2023, AMD partnered with AI development library Hugging Face to quicken the pace of AI model training and improvement. This makes Nvidia’s deal with Snowflake all the more important for the brand’s identity and status in the increasingly competitive market. 

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