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AMD vs. Nvidia: Does It REALLY Matter Which GPU You Buy?

AMD and Nvidia have dominated the graphic card world for about two decades. It’s only until recently that another tech outfit started gaining pace. Intel’s Arc Alchemist card is still struggling, leaving users locked between the top two. 

But does it matter whether you’re Team Red or Team Green? Do Nvidia and AMD have similar performance? 

Nvidia and AMD

The disparity between the two remains a heated debate among PC hardware enthusiasts. Manufacturers are doing their best to dominate, as in the case of AMD’s Ryzen. The introduction of these GPUs clawed back Nvidia’s advantage. 

The simple question should be which graphic card will make your game look better. Will a Nvidia GPU give you better frame rates than a AMD GPU? You will likely fall for AMD if your primary machine includes Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. Both devices allow you to swap your hardware with AMD hardware. 

But who really makes the best graphic cards?

Below are three crucial factors to consider when determining the best GPU for you. 


Both Nvidia and AMD have top-notch GPU hardware with similar performance. However, Nvidia stands out when it comes to power boosted by its additional tech, such as DLSS, which outperforms Fidelity FX. 


The next best metric to use outside performance is price. While the performance may look similar for both, you may need to decide based on price. 

AMD typically beats out Nvidia in this aspect. For example, AMD retails the Radeon RX 6800 XT at about $1400, but the equivalent Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 goes for approximately $1,800. Users go for the cheaper option and save the $400 difference or use it on other components such as faster RAM. 


Availability is yet another problem facing manufacturers. Nvidia’s GPUs are harder to get as they ‘re constantly on demand for crypto mining and best performance. Consequently, finding them becomes a struggle while AMD GPUs remain widely available at lower prices. 

AMD or Nvidia? Which GPU Should You Buy?

The current GPU shortage and high demand don’t guarantee access to a new product, nor does it allow time for getting picky between AMD and Nvidia. Nothing should hold you back if you’re willing to sacrifice for what you want. However, it would help if you didn’t’ focus much on the minor issues. 

Note that upgrading from an older GPU can improve the graphic experience significantly. Nvidia remains streets ahead of AMD’s equivalent, especially due to its ray-tracing tech. You still can get the highest 4K game settings on the top-end AMD GPU.  

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