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Attention Beauty Product Junkies – Here’s Our December NoMakeNoLife Unboxing

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Winter is the season to stay warm by the fire or huddled under blankets. Since you will probably spend a lot of time indoors, there is no better time to subscribe to some boxes that interest you, especially if you don’t want to go out in the snowy weather to find fun products to try out. One box in particular has caught my eye and I just had to try it. If you are a beauty product junkie and love products from Japan, you will absolutely adore the subscription box NoMakeNoLife.

NoMakeNoLife (NMNL for short) is a subscription box mailed to your doorstep from Japan. It contains all kinds of  amazing products — from makeup to skincare and a fun surprise here and there as well.

The phrase “No Make No Life” is a common phrase in Japan that means basically what it says: makeup is life. With gorgeous products from top Japanese brands, NoMakeNoLife has already made quite a name for itself on social media. We reached out to NoMakeNoLife because I wanted to try one of these boxes for myself, and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 

Here is what I received in my NMNL box:

*A Rosy Rosa oil blotting roller. This curious device is used to remove the oil on your face with the help of the roller that is made out of volcanic stone. Get rid of that shine one roll at a time!

*Ginger bath salt. This packet of bath salt is a perfect way to relax when warming up inside. Relax in the tub while you listen to your favorite soundtrack and watch the snowflakes land peacefully in soft piles against the other side of your bathroom window.

*Soy Tonyu Isofurabon point masks. This product is for treating dry areas around eyes and other parts of your face where you want to create more elasticity. It is intended to be used after your face has been washed and toned.

*Face cleansing lotion by Honeil. This product is a sunflower and honey lotion used to moisturize your skin while also getting rid of those pesky dead skin cells. It is perfect for the cold, dry winter months when our skin doesn’t tend to cooperate without extra moisturizing.

*Kakima 2-in-1 mascara liner. This liner is mainly for creating an undereye lash effect, but I used it as an undereye eyeliner.

*A pink bow by Mapepe that Velcro’s to your hair. It is a sweet anime-esque accessory that is perfect for pinning back hair for makeup application, or just for a cutesy look.

Nmnl subscription unboxing

My personal favorites were the eyeliner and pink bow—they were so cute and chic! All of the other products were great as well, and I loved that the box came with a booklet describing what each item was.

A big thanks goes out to NoMakeNoLife for giving us a free box to review! We loved the products and were grateful for the opportunity to review this box.

If you are interested in subscribing to NoMakeNoLife to receive your own box of Japanese beauty products monthly, go to NoMakeNoLife.com, pick your subscription package, sign up, and enjoy the luxurious products when they arrive (and don’t forget to tweet about them to share your love with other NMNL fans all over the globe).


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