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Nintendo Refuses To Cut Wii U Prices

Sorry, Nintendo fans, the company has made it crystal clear that there will be no price cuts for the Wii U ahead of Xbox One and PS4 launch.

Wii u

Nintendo America’s Executive Vice President, Scott Mofitt, said that there will be no price drops on the Wii U ahead of Microsoft and Sony’s big releases. Even though the company believes that the pricing of both consoles have actually helped Wii U in confirming its price as a much greater value.

Mofitt also pointed out that a couple of weeks earlier Wii U was the most high priced console in the market, but with the launch of Xbox One and PS4, it will be the lowest price Next generation console available for purchase. Well, if you look just at the price point then He’s completely right. You can get a Deluxe Wii U for nearly $350 whereas the PS4 and Xbox One will cost you $399 and $499, respectively.

However, if you consider the hardware and specs of the consoles then the Wii U really lags behind both machines. It doesn’t offer the same power as the above mentioned consoles. The Wii U also offers a 32GB of storage while both Sony and Microsoft are offering 500GB with their consoles.

Nintendo is also claiming that the new games for the Wii U also add to the value and justify their price. A new Mario Kart game, HD remake of Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros. and a couple of others have been announced for the console. But the games Line-up for both Microsoft and Sony’s console isn’t lacking either.

Nintendo Wii U vs Sony PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox One

The Wii U may not get a price cut just yet but we’re sure once the Xbox One and PS4 come out, Nintendo may have to change their decisions. Still, the Wii U will be $50 cheaper than the PS4 and a hefty $150 cheaper than Xbox One making it the cheapest Next-gen console in the market.

Which console are you looking forward to? Does the price of a console affect your choice? Let us know!