Next iPhone Coming on September 10

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Good news. A report is suggesting that Apple Inc. may unveil its next iPhone at an event on September 10th. That’s less than a month to go.


iPhone 5S and 5S Lite

AllThingsD is claiming Apple, one of the biggest handset manufacturers in the world, will launch what should be called the iPhone 5S next month. The company has declined to comment on the news.

Along with the iPhone 5S, rumors of a budget iPhone have been extremely strong. While Apple has sold millions of iPhones around the world and commanded a healthy market share, the company has been finding it increasingly difficult to combat the likes of Samsung and HTC in emerging markets.

Android has been closing in on iOS with its numerous budget handsets that outsell its device in developing countries. Microsoft even famously boasted of Windows Phones outselling iPhones in 7 countries – all of which were so small that Windows Phone was ahead by shipping just 100,000 units.

A budget device is Apple’s way to counter this threat. According to rumors, it will be called the ‘iPhone 5S lite’.

What To Expect

There’s no radical change in design, or any new Apple-ish potentially revolutionary feature that we could look forward to. Expect the usual – an improved, faster processor, and a better camera, possibly with Dual-LED flash. Unless Apple has managed to keep some details secret, this is it for now.


Additionally, the phone could also feature, for the first time in any handset, a fingerprint scanner. Apple acquired a firm, AuthenTec, which deals in fingerprint recognition, last year. It also filed a patent for a fingerprint recognition feature in phones. Enough to indicate the feature might actually get integrated in the latest iteration of the iPhone.

The launch may also shuffle Apple’s product line-up. It is rumored that Apple may discontinue the iPhone 5 in favor of the iPhone 5S as the touch panel on the device cannot be manufactured on a small scale profitably.

iOS 7 will be the biggest noticeable change to the phone. Announced in June, iOS 7 represents the biggest modification the system. A redesigned, flat interface, with new icons, and a ‘Control Center’, among other features, will make for a very different iPhone experience.

The iPhone 5 has been Apple’s best selling iPhone so far, having made up for almost 50% for all iPhone sales. Apple will be hoping this next device produces similar resuts.