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Huge iTunes Sale – Movies

Apple has brought out the magic wand to whip up some unreal deals in their movie store.



iTunes Sale Makes Movies Cheap!

The iTunes store has never seen a movie sale quite like this one. The sale focuses on movie bundles that contain an entire series of movies. The amount of money that you can save picking them up via this new deal is sort of mind boggling.

You can get your hands on the Bourne Collection, as well as the X-Men Quadrilogy for only $29.99 each. That is a pretty impressive price cut from the usual $59.96 that you would have to normally drop to pick them up

If those were a little out of your price range then why not take a look at The Godfather Trilogy and the Spiderman Trilogy which are going for only $19.99 a piece. Of course, I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to get the last film from each of those trilogies.

If that was still outside of your budget (we all go on the ramen diet some time) then there are still even cheaper bundles available, and these are some of their bests. You can get the Matrix Trilogy and Lord of the Rings Trilogy for only $9.99, a pretty far cut down from their normal price point of $44.97. You can also grab some other favorites for the same price like the Austin Powers Collection, and the Lethal Weapon Collection.

By far the best deal they are offering however, comes in via delivery owl. You can pick up the entire series of Harry Potter films for only $9.99. That is a pretty insane price drop from the whopping $125.92 that you would normally have to burn in order to get it. If you end up buying nothing else, you might as well pick up this insanely cheap collection.

If the price cuts weren’t enough for you, then don’t worry. As it turns out there are even more ways to save on the sale thanks to eBay. You can go pick yourself up a $60 iTunes gift card for only $48 dollars. That means you should have more than enough to buy an impressive collection of films all for under fifty bucks.