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New pokies games to check at online casinos for 2022

New and upcoming pokies (slot games)

Online casinos have taken the gaming industry by storm by releasing a lot of new pokies with new and improved gaming experiences now and then. So much has happened on online casinos, and you can be able to play your favourite casino games from the comfort of your home using either your desktop or a handheld device, be it iOS or Android mobile phone. Additionally, due to massive advancement in online casinos over the years, you can also find any traditional casino game and play it online for real money.  

 While popular online casino pokies have continued to evolve over the years, as an online casino game player, you should already be amazed about the New Year 2022. The online casino games providers have prepared thrilling new pokies games ready to be launched in 2022. The new casino pokies games to be released in 2022 will offer you even more excitement for the year ahead. Precisely, you do not want to miss phenomenal new pokies 2022 that online casinos game providers have prepared for you.

What pokies you should try out, and what makes them special?

In 2022, the online casinos market is expected to grow significantly, with new pokies games featuring fresh and improved content to offer you exceptional features and free spin bonuses. Thus ensuring that you experience the best gambling experience come 2022. Some of the new casino pokies games to be released in the New Year include the secret of dead, Magician’s secret, Frost queen jackpots, Lava, and Mayan fire

The secret of Dead: This fantastic online casino pokie is set to launch in February 2022. The secret of dead is an ancient Egypt-themed online casino game based on the famous Book of Dead series. What makes this game special is that it come with unique turns and twist. These unique features will play a significant role in enhancing your gaming experience and attracting more and more casino games players. The secret of dead is one of the best pokies you can find, and it will have five reels and an extra reel that will unlock as you continue playing the game. The game will come with other features that will make it unique and special for you. These features include mixed wilds and special symbols such as Bastet, Snakes, Cleopatra, Scarabs, and the Ankh. You do not want to miss this game come February 2022

Magician’s Secrets: This is yet another excellent online casino pokie that will be made available for online casino players during the first quarter of 2022. Magician’s secrets is developed using clear and high-quality 3-D graphics to ensure that you have a unique and exciting gameplay experience to kick your new year with an incredible gaming experience. What makes the  Magician’s secrets special for you is that the  New pokie game will come with 4096 ways to win; hence while playing this game, you can be sure of frequent wins. Additionally, this 6×4 reel online pokie game will feature wilds, scatters, free spins, as well as numerous attractive surprises as you progress playing the game. Magician’s secret features a magician as the main character, and you can expect to encounter potions and spells as you play this fantastic online casino new pokie.

Frost Queen Jackpots:  Frost Queen Jackpots is a great online casino pokie from Yggdrasil. The new online casino pokie features an intriguing storyline based on Hans Andersen’s famous tale “The Snow Queen.” What makes this online casinos pokie special and amazing for you is that in the games’ backdrop, you will see great mountains with a glimpse of frost queens’ ice castle in a far distance, majestic white birds, and falling snowflakes. An incredible view to attract more and more online casinos game players across the globe. The game has different symbols such as royals carved as icicles, magic wand, and the frost queen herself, tiara, and the main male character Kai.

Lava Lava: It is an attractive online casino pokie set to be released in February 2022. Lava Lava is undoubtedly one of the best pokies for 2022 that you should be eager to play. Although there is not much information released online by the developer regarding the new casino pokie game. You can expect to experience incredible and unique 3-D graphics game which you will be able to access on both desktop and handheld devices, be it iOS or Android mobile phones.

Mayan Fire is also on the list of most amazing and attractive pokies you expect to find on online casinos in 2022. This game is set to be released in March 2022. Although Mayan slot games are very popular among online casinos game players worldwide, the new pokie game coming in March 2022 will be even more interesting, mainly to players who appreciate this theme. The game will come in 5x 3 reels. Based on the developer’s information regarding the game, Mayan fire will be a medium volatility pokie, thus suitable for newcomers or players with little experience in online casino games.

If you are an online casinos games fan and like having new experiences from new pokies online, you better be prepared as 2022 will be a fantastic gambling year for you. The online casinos have an endless list of new slot games which will keep you engaged throughout the year.

What new improvements pokies in 2022 have compared to previous years?

Reviewing the new pokies 2022 shows that the online casinos game providers have worked tirelessly to offer enhanced pokies compared to previous years. First, all pokies set to be released in 2022 are developed using the latest HTML 5 technology, making them mobile compatible. Therefore, you will be able to play new pokies games at any place all the time using handheld devices, be it an iOS or Android mobile phone. Also, the new casino pokie games are developed using clear and high-quality 3-D graphics, making them irresistible for you. Additionally, the new slots 2022 come with amazing and unique themes, various trendy features, massive bonuses, and intriguing gameplay. You better be ready because, in 2022, online casinos have a lot for you that you do not want to miss.


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