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Nerd Block Review

Nerd Block is a monthly, subscription-based box delivered right to your door that is chock full of the Geekiest clothes, toys, and collectables! Each and every Nerd Block comes with a t-shirt (in your size, which is selected by you) and 4-6 figures/collectable items, all for $19.99 per month.

Nerd Block Review – Subscription-Based Box Filled With Exciting Geekery

Recently, I had a chance to review the December edition of Nerd Block, an exciting box of nerdy amazingness. That may sound silly, but it’s entirely true! I went to pick up my Nerd Block from the Post Office and for the whole drive home, I found myself thinking: “Ooh…I hope it has something LEGO related..OH! Or Marvel…OHHH! OR ADVENTURE TIME!”

Each month, on the 15th, the good folks at Nerd Block ship out a box containing a correctly sized t-shirt and other various nerd loot to their adoring subscribers. Subscribers receive an email when their block is on the way, and shipping is free! Additionally, Nerd Block is billed to subscribers each month around the 1st, and there is no commitment, meaning the subscription can be cancelled anytime. Finally, in 4-6 business days, a blue and white block of mystery arrives to be enjoyed and explored. Here is what came in my Nerd Block:

1x Funko Pop! Vinyl Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figure – Leonardo


1x Lego Minifigure –  Series 6, Roman Soldier


1x Big Bang Theory Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure – Amy Farrah Fowler

31lidvvmoel1x The Amazing Stan Lee T-Shirt


1x Packet of GoGo’s Crazy Bones Minifigure – #15 Hazard, #28 Danko, #36 Cho


1x Marvel Grab Zag, Containing One Mini Ghost Rider Projector

Tumblr_m1owmbf6fb1qmpx83Good Quality, Great Value

While the surprise factor is probably the biggest thing that Nerd Block has going for it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the loot contained in the block was more high quality collectables and less plastic crap. For the $19.99 price tag, the block basically pays for itself with just the heavyweight cotton tee, and the rest of awesome figures make the price point even more justifiable. If you enjoy various collectables and are open-minded in your interests, Nerd Block is a great way to feed your need for new stuff, without over spending, all while enjoying a fun surprise delivered right to you.