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NanoDimension Acquires NanoFabrica

Nanodimension is on acquisition spree. The 3D printing firm has recently acquired an artificial intelligence company, a move that several people questioned. Why would they question it? Well, the question is why would a 3D printing firm acquire an artificial intelligence company? The firm notes that it can use various aspects of automation to add value to its 3D printing processes and firm.

The next acquisition was with NanoFabrica Ltd. Not too many people would be asking about the NanoFabica acquisition, at least besides the usual questions when it comes to acquisitions. But what is NanoFabrica? Let’s find out.


Details on NanoDimension and NanoFabrica Acquisition

According to a recent press release, NanoFabrica is a leader in technology and turn-key systems for precise 3D printing. Again, that seems more up Nanodimension’s alley, a leading 3D printing technology firm acquiring another to gain more skills, expertise, and knowledge, in addition to potential customers and diversification of revenues.

This is another small acquisition for NanoDimension with NanoFabrica shareholders obtaining around $55 million to $60 million. The deal would note that a little less than half of the total payout would be in cash based on certain milestones and requirements, with NanoFabrica’s founders also staying with NanoDimension for a certain duration post acquisition.

The other portion of the acquisition would be paid out in shares, of which a portion of it would be locked up for certain periods over two years post acquisition finalization. Again, certain cash payments will be reserved for performance and revenue metrics over the next year.

It looks like NanoFabrica can be a performer for NanoDimension over the next few years, enabling it to increase its revenues over the next few years. Of course, that’s all contingent on NanoFabrica performing well, increasing clients, and obtaining more revenues over the next few years.

Can it do so?

According to reports, it generated around $1millionin revenue in the past.

What Does NanoFabrica Do?

NanoFabrica is a leading player the segment of precision digital manufacturing. It AME systems have significant micron resolution with precise features, according to the company. This next level precision capability due to its innovative Micro Adaptive Project technology provides the firm with additional value propositions to offer clients.


The acquisition could be in line with NanoDimension because it can work in similar sectors as the acquirer.

What are the industries it serves? The firm serves those that range from aerospace to automotive, medical, and even education. The firm’s systems and technology enables it to create large quantities of unique and complicated parts.


The firm has experts, knowledge, expertise in materials, software, and artificial intelligence enabling them to provide potentially more advanced value in this industry.


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